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Belts For Men

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More About Reselling Belts For Men

Modern belts do a lot more than simply holding your trousers in place. In fact, your belt is often what differentiates a basic outfit from a fantastic one. The right type of belt not only suits the occasion and aligns with the outfit but also adds its own charm to your overall look.

Buy The Best Belts For Men For Every Occasion

Belts for men come online in a plethora of designs and sizes. Choose the right colors as per your personal style and preference and go for a design that expresses your personality and fits into your wardrobe well. Whether you pick a leather belt, a canvas belt, or a denim belt, if styled in the right manner, it can enhance your style and lift up your entire look.So buy the belt right now at best price.

Look Suave and Stylish in the Best of Belts Men Love

A classic accessory for men and a sheer sign of a perfectly-dressed man, a belt gives you that finishing touch and makes you look sophisticated and stylish. Belts can be a decorative staple or a functional mandate to keep your bottoms in the right place. The main parts that need your attention while shopping for a belt online are its buckle and strap.

Some styles of belt buckles that are found in formal and casual belts are Plate-styled, frame-styled, Box-framed, Box-Out, Snap, and Micro-adjustable buckles.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Right Belts Men:

While looking for an appropriate belt to complete your look, you must consider the following factors:

The Material of Your Belt Strap

The most common and widely known material is leather. You can select many types, like tooled leather, braided, or full-grain leather belts. You can switch to suede belts for a more casual get-together. 

Matching Shoes

It is imperative to keep the belt and shoes you wear for a formal occasion in the same type. For example, a leather belt should be precisely the same kind and shine as your leather shoes. Also, the metals attached to your belts should complement any other metal you're wearing on your body.

The Right Kind of Bottoms

You can wear these sassy belts with jeans, pants, shorts, chinos, and a formal suit. Go for a smaller buckle if you wear it for a formal event, and a big one would be great for a casual party.

Good Stitching

Your belt should be made with great stitching sense using small, tight stitches with no loose ends. You must invest in quality irrespective of the designer and the brand.

Appropriate Size

Before you make that online payment, it is highly recommended to check the right size of the belt. The length of your chosen belt should always be 1-2 inches longer than your waist size. 

Buy a Belt of the Right Width

A wider belt looks more casual, while a slimmer one looks more formal. Dressy and formal belts men wear should be approximately 1.5 inches wide.

Latest And Trending Kinds Of Belts For Men 

Belts come in a variety of different colours, materials, and textures to suit all your clothing choices. From classy leather belts to suede, and woven belts, there are a lot of options for you to try on and make your wardrobe a little more diverse. Keep things simple and classy by going with colours like black, brown, white, nude, and tan as they are versatile and enhance any look. Here are some types of belts that every man must own. 

Leather Belts For Men

When it comes to styling leather belts for men, you always need to remember that leather belts can be both casual and formal. So, picking the right one for the right occasion is a must. Leather belts for men have a sort of old school charm about them that we cannot get enough of. They are the epitome of class and sophistication and look fantastic in both a casual setting and a formal one. Leather belts for men look best in colours like black and brown and come in both plain as well as textured designs.

Fabric Belts For Men

Fabrics belts for men, though, not a very conventional and popular choice for adults are definitely coming back in style. These belts give off a slight military feel as they are usually seen on men in the forces. They are best styled with textured trousers or pants and plain minimalist t-shirts. 

Woven Belts For Men

Not another one of the conventional belts for men, a woven belt looks stunning when styled with a pair of shorts and a light-coloured t-shirt during the summer. Woven belts are famous to provide the much-needed contrast of texture to your otherwise plain and boring summer clothes. If you’re one who prefers shorts and a simple pair of shirts or t-shirt, you must have a woven belt for men in your closet. They also look surprisingly good when styled with a classic linen suit.

Some Tips Every Man Needs While Shopping For Belts 

We agree that not all pants are loose and require us to wear belts but the reason why many men wear and style their outfits with a belt is simply more than that. Belts for men have easily become one of those accessories that provide an excellent transition from your shirts to your trousers. If your pants come with belt loops, you should definitely put a belt in them.

Beware Of Cheap Belts For Men

Let us be totally honest with you and tell you that cheap belts for men are an absolute waste of money. They do not stand the test of time and start tearing off just after one use. These belts are generally marketed as leather but are anything but that. The colour of these cheap belts for men start fading, usually peeling off like skin and giving off a completely nasty appearance.

Avoid Belts With Loud Colors

Belts for men are accessories that compliment your outfit. You do not want your belt to take all the attention and therefore, it is essential you buy yourself a belt that comes in a solid colour like black, white, brown, and tan. These colours will always make you look classy and slay the outfit game.

Styling A Belt With Your Outfit

When conflicted on what belt for men to choose, just look at the colour of your shoe. It is a known fact that accessories should match, therefore, if you’re wearing black shoes, go with a black belt, and if you like brown shoes more, pick the brown belt.

Measure Yourself While Buying A Belt

You do not want to buy a belt for men and later be disappointed that it has either too few holes or too many. Therefore, measure yourself before getting yourself a belt for men online. Meesho offers a huge selection of belts for men online at highly affordable prices.

Buy the Right Belts Men at Low Prices 

While looking for the right belts online, buy a formal one first, as it goes with almost every outfit, and then jump on to the casual leather and fabric ones. You can buy belts men online at Meesho in several variants that will make you look gorgeously sophisticated and sassy in anything you wear.


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