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Looking for that instant boost of confidence? Just paint your nails in your favorite color, do a little nail art that matches your outfit perfect and strut with an aura of confidence that is surely going to make heads turn. When it comes to nail polishes, women have so many amazing choices. From bright nail polish to matte nail polish and glitter nail polish, there is literally something for everyone. Meesho offers a wide variety of affordable nail polishes in every color and design you can possibly dream of. So what are your waiting for? Shop now!

Grab the Trendiest Nail Polish Colors for Gorgeous-Looking Nails

It's important to take care of your nails. Not only do they look good, but they are a part of your body, so it's also necessary to take care of them! You can use different types of nail polishes that range in different colors and finishes. There are translucent polishes, which are the most common and are great for neutral bases. Then there are opaque polishes, which are great for more striking colors and glitter. It's important to use a correct base coat and top coat to keep your nails healthy!For nail art lovers, updating their nail color collection is the norm. Whether you love acrylic nails or gel nail colors, we have the best selection of nail polishes for you. Grab your faves now and update your nail polish collection like never before.

6 Different Types of Nail Polishes to Shop for

Glossy Nail Polish

Glossy nail paints are one of the most common type of polish in the world. They're so common that they have been around for a long time. The reason why they are so popular is because they can last for long periods of time, and they look very shiny. Some have special built in top coat pigments that add a certain color of shine to the polish. If you want to buy one that is very long lasting, there are a lot of options out there.

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail colors come with a gel formula that is applied over bare nails. These types of colors dry under direct UV light, unlike basic ones that can air dry. Gel nail colors are one of the best ways to do your nails. They come in a wide variety of colors and the nails are usually better protected against chipping and peeling. Gel nail colors are a special type of nail polish with a gel formula on top. The gel is then applied and dried on nails, which makes the nails harder to chip and peel.

Acrylic Nail Polish

Acrylic nail polish is easy to use and inexpensive, so you can buy lots of colors and experiment with different looks. You can buy polish that is opaque or translucent, depending on the look you want to achieve. One great benefit of acrylic nail polish is that it is so easy to use that you can paint your nails at home, quickly, and easily. Another benefit is that the polish dries really fast, so you don't have to worry about smudging your nails or having the polish look crooked while it dries. Matte Nail Polish

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polishes are some of the most fashionable. Unlike glossy nail polishes, matte finish does not have any shine. These nail polishes are very popular among professional manicurists because of how long lasting and flexible they are. Matte nail polish not only looks great but is long lasting as well. They wash off easier than other types of nail polish and have flexibility that glossy nail polish does not have. They are great for people who constantly wash their hands and cannot have nail polish chipping off.

Glitter Nail Colors

Glitter nail paints are fun and easy to apply, and you can use them for whatever type of occasion you're interested in! Just paint your nails the color you want, then put the glitter nail paint on top and watch the glitter sink into the nail paint. You can also buy nail art polishes! Nail art polishes are great for people who want to design their own nails! 

Chrome Nail Polishes

Chrome nail polish has an appealing metallic finish. It is eye-catching, just like glitter nail paints. A reason for its popularity is that it gives a sleek and shimmering look. It's highly appealing, and when used on nails it looks elegant. It's waterproof and doesn't chip easily. It's long lasting, and once it dries, it's resistant to chipping and peeling. You can use it with other shades without disturbing the color. You can mix it with your own nail polish or use it on its own, and the color will last a long time on your nails.

Tips to Apply Designer Nail Polish like a Pro

If you want that gorgeous shade, you should apply your base coat, wait a few seconds, and then apply your nail polish. One mistake many people make is they don't allow enough time in between the base coat and the polish, which can prevent you from achieving your desired look. You should never apply the top coat right after the nail polish, either. Give yourself enough time to make sure your nails are dry and fresh before you put on the top coat. Here are a few additional tips to follow with different types of nail polishes.

  • For Basic and Glitter Polishes

When applying regular or glitter nail color, start with a base coat. Follow with two coats of polish before finally applying a topcoat. For weak nails, apply a strengthening base coat that will offer a thicker base and prevent indentations in the nails.

  • For Gel Polishes

Skip the base coat if you are applying gel polish. Instead, apply white gel polish to make the color pop. Start in the middle and then finish with the sides. Skip the topcoat in this case.

  • For Chrome Polishes

When applying chrome polishes, apply a clear base coat followed by one or two coats of the polish. Finish the look with a high shine topcoat.

Buy Latest Nail Polishes Online at the Lowest Prices on Meesho

No matter which nail color you want to create your choicest look, get it on Meesho. These shades of nail polish are all the rage! From nude to dark, we have all the nail polish shades under the sun! The best part is our nail polish lasts a long time and it doesn't chip! So you can be sure your hands and nails will always look their best!Hurry! Start shopping favorite nail colors and types right away.



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