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More About Reselling Hair Dryers

A hair dryer is an essential item for every woman. If you choose the right appliances, they will last you for several years and also prevent any additional damage to your hair. So this is a one time investment which needs to be made after proper research. The right hair straightener will last for years and protect your hair from unnecessary damage.

Buy The Best Hair Dryers At Affordable Prices

The right hair dryer will do more than just dry your hair when you’re short of time. You can use it for straightening, curling or for adding more volume to your hair. So select one online on Meesho that serves your needs and wants but still falls within your budget.

How To Choose The Best Hair Dryer For Your Needs?

Styling your hair does not involve going to a salon anymore. With so many different products and gadgets available, you can achieve any look you want if you use the right products and tools. A hair dryer is not just for getting wet hair to dry in minutes. Of course, it is the primary function but there is so much more than you can do using this wonderful tool. If you are just starting out or experimenting with hair styling, a hair dryer is the first thing you will need. In this article, we have covered all the points that you should consider before making a decision. 

Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Hair Dryer

There are several aspects you need to look into when buying a hair dryer. The first thing to do is figuring out your hair type. IF you have a lot of frizz and flyaways, you will need a dryer that aims at smoothening. If you want volume, you will need one that adds texture. Do not make the mistake of buying a generic one that does not do anything specific. You want to make the most out of your dryer. Also, make sure you buy the right hair protection and styling products along with it to make your styling and blow-drying process easier.

Portable Hair Dryers

A hair dryer can be quite a bulky tool. This means that if you travel on regular basis, you need a design that is compact and handy. This is why brands have started making portable hair dryers than can be folded and come with a pouch to be carried in. These models occupy very little space and are also lightweight. You should definitely consider getting one of these if you plan to travel a lot and cannot live without your beloved hairstylist no matter where you are.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Ceramic hair dryers have a thin ceramic coating on the plates. This helps distribute heat evenly thus preventing damage and reducing frizz. Most of the ceramic dryer models have the feature of heat adjustment, which means they can read the temperature of the environment and adjust the level of heat accordingly. These dryers may be slightly expensive compared to regular non-ceramic models but they are worth the price if you want to protect your hair from heat damage even when using a dryer on a daily basis.

Temperature Setting On Hair Dryers

Most hair dryers come with two or three different temperature settings: high, medium, and low. If you are in a rush and want to dry your hair as quickly as possible you should use the high setting. But you also need to know that if you use this setting too much and too frequently, it might cause damage to your hair. Most professionals recommend using the medium setting for the majority of the process. Once your hair is ninety percent dry, switch to the cool setting and go over all the sections for a few minutes. this helps set your hair with extra shine.

Additional Attachments For Hair Dryers

These days a lot of hair dryers come with attachments that perform specific tasks like frizz reduction, volumizing, straightening, etc. Here are some attachments that you should know about.

Concentrator Attachment: The concentrator attachment allows you to concentrate the flow of air coming out of the dryer. This gives you more control when you are using your dryer to style your hair in a specific way. This also gives a better finish and more shine to the strands when used in the right way. You can attach this to the nozzle whenever required and get good results even when the temperature setting is low.

Diffusers: Diffusers perform the opposite function of what a concentrator does. This attachment is more suited for wavy or curly hair as it reduces the intensity of the airflow from the nozzle. 

Comb/Pick attachment: If you want curls or beachy waves, use the comb or pick attachment while blow-drying. This attachment has prongs that lift up the roots of the hair thus creating more volume. This is great for curls as it gives a lasting finish and a tousled look.

Style Your Hair Like A Pro Using Just A Hair Dryer

The first step in using a hair dryer is to apply a heat protection product. It could be a spray or a leave-in cream. This prevents damage from the heat of the blow dryer. You should use it on damp hair and throughout the length of the strands. 

Now, depending on whether you want straight hair or curls, use a mousse or cream that reduces frizz or adds volume. This should not be used on the roots unless it is specified. Use a little more product on the ends.

Divide your hair into sections using clips. Start with the back sections and use a flat brush to hold the hair in place while drying. Repeat the process on all sections until your hair is completely dry.

Flip your hair upside for and use a hair spray on the underside. Run your fingers through your hair to give the hairstyle a natural look. Flip back and finger comb strays into place. Now use a hair spray to keep your hairstyle intact all day.


4 Chic Hair Styles to Create with the Best Hair Dryers

  • Soft Blend

Create a soft blend style for your hair by working on your mid-lengths with the dryer and brush simultaneously. This simple yet classy hairstyle is ideal for the everyday look.

  • Bouncy and Voluminous

Enjoy voluminous hair all day long by blow-drying the roots of your hair straight with the help of a brush. If you are a guy, blow-dry your crown by drying your tresses backward and upward at the same time.

  • Beachy Waves

Get gorgeous beachy waves by sectioning your hair in half. Grab a section of hair and then place a half-inch round brush in the center. Apply heat in that middle area while twirling the brush and pulling it down.

  • Fluffy Pixie

Create this stylish and elegant hairstyle by blow-drying your hair at the root. Brush your hair upward to follow your hairstyle and gain volume.

Blow-Dry Tips to Follow while Using Hair Dryers

  • For Short Hair

Spritz a heat-protecting hair serum or use a leave-in conditioner on your damp hair before blow-drying it. Clip the top section of your hair and start with the back before moving to the side and then to the crown.

  • For Medium Hair

Spray a volumizer at the roots before applying a leave-in conditioner to the ends. Dry the ends and sides without any brush. Then clip the top section of your hair and finish drying the other sections before moving to the top.

  • For Long Hair

Apply hair serum on the ends of your damp hair and then blow-dry your hair without the help of a brush. Clip the top sections and start blow-drying them one by one, starting from the back. As you unravel your hair from the hairbrush, rotate it to form a loose ringlet. Once all your tresses are dry, flip your hair and apply a texturizing spray while massaging the roots.

Buy the Best Hair Dryers Online at Low Prices

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