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Red Bindis

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More About Reselling Red Bindis
Red Bindis is one of the most important part of looking stylish and put together. Women's accessories are what compliments the outfit. At Meesho you will find an amazing collection of Red Bindis to suit your preferences.

Don a Red Bindi To Give Yoir Look a Traditional Touch

A bindi is a small red dot applied on the center of a woman's forehead. Originally from India, the bindi is a cultural symbol and a sign of marital status. It is also worn by women in India of all ages including unmarried women. But today, it's become more common everywhere and it's not just for married women. In fact, it's become a fashion accessory.The trend has even reached Hollywood! Many actors wear bindis in their movies. Some wear them in their real lives as well.

10 Interesting Facts about Red Bindis

Red Bindis are decorative marks that all Indians are familiar with. The mark worn in the form of a ""tilak"" or a stick-on item is usually adorned by Indian women during festive occasions. The humble bindi has a rich and interesting origin and past. Read on as we list ten such facts just for you.

  1. The word bindi originated in ancient Sanskrit texts.
  2. The material used for bindis in the past was exclusively vermilion, sandalwood, and ash.
  3. The bindi experienced a resurgence in the 1930s and 1940s when style icons like Maharani Gayatri Devi and Amrita Sher-Gill popularized the trend. 
  4. In 1986, bindis under the brand name ""Shilpa"" were introduced in India. Shilpa was the first brand to use stick-on felt bindis. 
  5. Traditionally, red bindis are used to signify a woman's marital status, and only married women can wear them.
  6. Versions of bindis in the form of a bright dot of color are worn by Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. And in South East Asia worn by Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Burmese. In China, similar markings are worn by babies and little children.
  7. The area between the eyebrows where a bindi is traditionally placed is considered the sixth ""chakra"" or the spot where all the energy of the body is concentrated. A bindi is supposed to help retain this energy. 
  8. Archaeologists have discovered clay figurines from the Indus Valley with a bindi-like pigment on their forehead.
  9. The color red in Hinduism represents honor, and therefore, a red bindi is worn to symbolize the same.
  10. Regional variations of bindis exist around India. In Maharasthra, a half-moon-shaped large bindi is worn with a black dot underneath, while in Bengal, a large red bindi is worn.

Different Types of Red Bindis You Can Get 

Round Red Bindis

This is the bindi that is most commonly worn in India. They're circular, red in color and the size can vary depending on the likings of the wearer. It is applied on the center of the forehead. Bindis are also known to help bring in positive energy and can bring good luck to the user if they're worn while taking a test.

Maharashtrial Chandrakor Red Bindis

The bridal Chandrkor Bindi is a traditional Indian symbol of a bride in Maharashtra. The dot represents the third eye chakra, and is placed on the center of the forehead. This is a special bindi, which is made out of gold, silver, copper, brass, or sometimes even diamonds. While it's worn on the Bride's forehead in Hindu weddings, it's also worn on the forehead of the groom and other wedding guests to bring good luck. 

Stone Studded Red Bindis

Stone studded red bindis can be worn by anyone. While most bindis are made of fabric, stone studded bindis have a small stone to give it some shine. The stones can be any color or gemstone, which gives the bindi some variety. The stones are usually small, but they can sometimes be large. 

Vertical Bindis

Apart from round and oval shaped bindis, vertical bindis are also quite popular. They look good on people with round and oblong face shapes. Vertical bindis are usually worn by people with an oval or oblong shaped face. You can go for dark red, bright red or burgundy colors.

Geometrical Red Bindis

Bindis have never been more attractive. These days, you see a lot of geometric shapes like triangular bindis or pentagon shaped bindis. These look great on anyone who wants to wear them! 

How to Wear A Red Bindi Perfectly?

There's no denying that Bindis are beautiful. They're an ornamental symbol that many people wear to appear more beautiful. The most common way to wear a Bindi is traditionally on the center of the forehead. No matter how much you love the colorful and fun designs that bindi come in, the first step in using one is to make sure your forehead is clean and dry! The bindi works best when the forehead is not moist and there is no other powder or makeup on it, so make sure you do this first before you take the bindi and place it on your forehead. Then, take it and place it in the middle of your forehead. !If your bindi doesn't have any adhesive on the back, you can use clear eyelash adhesive to stick it to your forehead. This should stay there for a few days, but you can re-apply as you need to.The bindi can be worn for just about any occasion, whether it's for a traditional Indian wedding or a fun Halloween costume. The fun is up to you

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