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Nose Pins

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More About Reselling Nose Pins

We know that amongst all the different types of jewelry worn by women, nose pins are the most subtle. Be it a simple stud or an oversized ring, each design has its own unique appeal. Elegant, trendy and sophisticated, nosepins can give your face a subtle makeover in an instant. Get your favorite designs on Meesho at unbelievable prices. Explore our fascinating collection of nosepins in a plethora of interesting, intricate designs and exquisite patterns. Pair them with funky accessories to look your gorgeous best wherever you go!

Transform Your Look With Stylish Nosepins

As nose piercings become more and more popular around the world, so do nosepins and rings. Not only do they add an element of interest to your face, but they also give off an edgy vibe which modern women crave. While nosepins might seem like a fashion choice to most people today, in India, they are part of an ancient tradition that goes back several centuries. An integral part of ethnic jewelry, nosepins, and nose rings were worn by married women as a symbol of reverence to the goddess of marriage and fertility, ‘Parvati’. In fact, wearing nosepins has cultural significance even in modern India. It would be highly unlikely to come across an Indian bride not wearing a nosepin on her D-day.

Latest Designs of Nosepins and Noserings In India

Originally, the two types of nose ornaments that were popular in India were called Nath, and Koka. While Naths were usually worn by married women, Kokas were simple studs worn by unmarried girls and would be replaced on the day of her wedding. Now, we have

Gold Plated Nosepins

While gold jewelry has no match when it comes to durability and sophistication, it can be quite expensive. If you want to own a variety of nosepins for different outfits and occasions, it’s best to go for gold plated designs that are affordable and just as aesthetic. Gold plated nosepins can be found in an abundance of designs from the most basic to the most ornate. These days, floral engraved patterns and studs made of cubic zirconia(American diamonds) are quite popular among Indian women.

Stud Nosepins

Simple and minimalistic, stud nosepins are one of the most conventional designs and are preferred by women who want something that does not overpower their faces. Stud nosepins are small in size but can be found in different shapes and cuts. The most trending designs are colorful stone studs, imitation studs, and pearl studs. Some designs even incorporate unique motifs like the moon, stars, peacocks, etc. Even the simplest stud nosepin can emphasize your best features and enhance your overall look.

Sterling Silver Nosepins

The use of silver in jewelry making goes back to ancient times. In fact, at one point, silver was more expensive than gold and only the most affluent families could afford silver jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and is quite a popular choice for modern jewelry. A sterling silver nosepin goes well with every outfit and flatters most skin tones. From tiny studs to elaborate Naths, you will find a plethora of design options to choose from. Not to mention the lower price range allows women to purchase several designs without breaking the bank.

Clip-on Nosepins

Who says you need to get a piercing to wear a nosepin? Clip-on nosepins is specifically made for those who want to experiment with nose ornaments but are not keen on committing to a permanent piercing. These nosepins have a simple closure that holds them in place. No wonder clip-ons are breaking the fashion industry. These are especially popular among the younger crowd. If you want to change your look without too much effort, this is a great option for you, especially for a fusion look.

Guchhedar Nath( Maharashtrian Style Nosepins)

Marathi women were among the first in India to start wearing nosepins. The traditional nose ring from Maharashtra consists of a prominent Nath, or loop which is generally adorned with colorful stones and pearls and goes all the way down to the upper lip. This is a unique and gorgeous design which looks breathtaking when worn with a traditional saree or suit. Even though they look heavy, they are quite easy to carry. In fact, you can wear them even if you do not have a piercing.


Nose rings or hoop nosepins have been around for a long time. However, they only became popular among Indian women after the prominent tennis player, Sania Mirza was seen flaunting them. The ring itself is very simply designed and made of silver or gold. If you are going for an edgy look, a nose ring is just what you need. It is also universally flattering and can be worn with both Indian and western outfits. There are quite a few ornate variations available in the market for bridal wear.

Best Nosepins and Noserings Based On Your Face Shape

Apart from your outfit and the occasion, your face shape determines which nosepin designs would suit you the most. While there are no hard and fast rules as to what you can or cannot wear, it might help to know which designs would flatter your face and which ones are best avoided.


Round face shapes can carry most nosepin designs well. However, circular and ring designs may not be the most flattering if you have a classic round face shape. Opt for studs and angular shaped nosepins for the best effect.

Oval/ Heart

An oval or heart-shaped face will look the most flattering with a small nose ring or stud. Avoid large nosepins and designs that draw too much attention to your nose.

Oblong/ Square

An oblong face is slightly longer than it is wide. So any nosepin that elongates your face, even more, would not be a great choice for you. Instead, choose loops and rings that are slightly larger in size.

How to Select The Right Nosepin Design For Every Outfit

Ethnic Outfits

If you are heading out to a wedding or religious function, chances are you will be wearing traditional Indian clothing like a saree or suit. This is a great chance to wear traditional gold and silver nosepins to complement your ensemble. However, for a casual ethnic outfit like a Kurti or a casual suit, a simple nose ring or oxidized metal stud would be perfect.

Western Outfits

Choosing the right nosepin for your Western outfits could be a little tricky. A metal nose ring is the most obvious choice. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, go for a fusion design that combines different elements together, for instance, an oversized stud with a colored stone embedded in it can be a good choice. You can also experiment with unconventional shapes to ace your look.

Shop For Trendy Nosepins Online On Meesho

Owing to the immense popularity of nosepins, you will come across thousands of designs online. Depending on your wardrobe and your personal style, get a few classic pieces and a couple of trendy designs that work well with all your outfits. If you are looking for affordable options, check out the collection on Meesho. You are bound to fall in love with our amazing collection of nosepins ranging from the most minimalistic to the most intricate.


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