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More About Reselling Kajal

Everyone knows how our eyes are one of the most expressive part of our faces and in order to highlight the eyes, women use a lot of eye makeup. One of the most basic and essential eye makeup includes Kajal. For most Indian women, Kajal is a makeup product that they use every single day to accentuate the beauty of their eyes. While shopping for Kajals make sure you shop for a water-resistant and long-lasting one as no one likes raccoon eyes caused due to smearing. Shop for high-quality Kajal and other eye makeup online from your favorite online store - Meesho.

Elevate Your Look With A Kajal 

It is safe to say that highlighting your eyes is the most important step while using makeup. And what is a better product than kajal? Whether one uses makeup or not, a simple kajal makes a huge difference. Apart from beautifying the eyes, kajal has many benefits as it is widely known for keeping the eyes healthy. But, it is best to only use Ayurvedic or organic kajal, which is free from lead and other harmful ingredients because your eyes are extremely delicate organs that must be protected. So, before purchasing any eye kajal, do read about all the types and conduct thorough research. Scroll down to know more about the importance of using kajal.

History and Cultural Significance of Kajal

Also known as kohl, this ancient eye cosmetic has been widely used in the Middle East, South Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and various parts of Africa. In these places, not only women but men, and even children, apply kajal.

In India, it is also a tradition to apply homemade kajal to an infant’s eyes as it is believed to strengthen the baby’s eyes and also protect them from the curse of any evil eye. 

In Egypt and Africa, kajal was originally used to protect the eyes from different types of ailments. Some women also apply a dot of kajal to ward off the bad glance of other people. Also, Bharatnatyam dancers apply kohl to their eyes to draw attention to their eye movements and gestures.

Things to Know About Kajal

Eye kajal or kohl is known to be one of the oldest fashion accessories found in almost every makeup kit. Applying kajal is the first thing that anyone learns in terms of makeup. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways in which kajal can be applied. Let’s explore some of the trending ways of applying kajal: 

  • One of the most common ways to apply kajal is by lining the eye’s waterline.
  • Prep up your eyes by applying kajal as a liner too on your upper eyelid. You can use the kajal pencils or kajal that comes with an applicator to complete your look.
  • Amp up your eyes daily by applying the kajal starting from the outer corner for a darker finish.
  • The smudge effect is a popular technique these days. You can start applying the eye kajal from the outer corner of the lower waterline and smudge it a little bit. Do not smear it too much.
  • Smokey eyes or reverse smokey eyes are the talks of the town. You can create this look by gliding a generous amount of kajal on the lower lid and making it smokey by smudging it with a brush in the outward direction. And it’s done!
  • Create a bold wing on the upper eyelid. For this, you would need a kajal pencil. Draw a wing on the upper lid and smudge it lightly for an even-looking finish. This look is perfect for a date night.
  • Upper lid application is another way to make your eyes look dramatic. Apply a generous coat of kohl on the inner line of the upper and lower eyelid, making them look bigger.
  • Coloured kajal is also very much in trend. There are a variety of hues such as blue, green, brown, etc. available. Apply a subtle colour like white kajal on the upper lid for a dramatic look.

To perfect the technique of applying kajal, you can browse online for videos on kajal makeup. There are numerous videos available that can teach you how to use eye kajal in different ways.

Picking the Right Kajal

When it comes to your eyes, you would want to buy the best kajal that will keep your eyes healthy and protected. Always choose a good brand of kajal that does not contain lead. It is always good to choose organic or ayurvedic kajal for the protection of your eyes. 

You can also choose a white kajal that best suits your needs from the various types available.

Kajal Pencil 

Kajal pencil is the most common and easy-to-use kajal for beginners as well as experts. The pencil is used for creating thin or tight lines and is best for daily use. You can choose the roller kajal sticks too.

Gel Or Liquid Kajal

A gel kajal or liquid kajal offers a dramatic look as you can create thicker and darker lines with them. Do not apply them directly to your waterline as it can cause irritation.

Kajal Powder

Kajal powders are also available that helps in creating a traditional look. Also, you can easily create a smoky look with it.

Waterproof Kajal

If you often sweat, then try buying a waterproof formula for yourself. It helps prevent smudging and is considered best for sensitive eyes.

The above-mentioned are some of the best versions of kajal available in the market. Buy your new kajal after checking out these points to make an informed decision.

Directions to Use Kajal

For applying kajal, follow these steps:

  • Clean the area around the eyes by washing your face, or you can use makeup remover to clear out the old makeup.
  • Apply the kajal by starting from the inner side to the outer side on either the lash line or waterline of your eye.
  • Further, you can smudge with your fingers or brush if you desire a smokey look. Otherwise, you can keep it subtle.

This is the basic way in which you can apply kajal on a routine basis.

Buy Kajal Online At The Best Prices

You can find a wide variety of kajal online. You can search for organic, ayurvedic, or any other kajal that suits your preference. The types of kajal mentioned above are some of the best kajal for the eyes, and you can choose the one that you find convenient to use. 

Buying kajal online is a suitable option too as you can easily search for different types of kajal by browsing numerous cosmetic websites. Also, you can compare the prices on different websites and find the best kajal in India at discounted prices too. Meesho is one such well-known website that offers the best kajal for eyes at very affordable prices. Browse for your favourite type of kajal and buy it from Meesho. 

Now, doing kajal makeup wouldn’t seem so tricky with our extensive guide. Do try out different styles daily and make some heads turn.


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