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Stainless Steel Food Strainers

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More About Reselling Stainless Steel Food Strainers
If you are bored of your old Stainless Steel Food Strainers and looking for a new one, you have come to the right place. Meesho offers a variety of Stainless Steel Food Strainers to choose from in a myriad of unique designs.

Ease Your Food Preparation Process With Stainless Steel Food Strainers

As common kitchen accessories, food strainers are often taken for granted. Yet, their absence can derail and delay your food preparation process. Having the right stainless steel food strainers can smoothen your food preparation process and save your time and energy in the kitchen.

History of Stainless Steel Food Strainers

Food strainers have been in use for thousands of years now. Colanders, a variety of food strainers, is known to be in existence since at least 1300 BC. While the strainers used in ancient times may not be as sleek as those used today, they served their purpose.

Over time, food strainers evolved into new forms and designs to match the requirements of modern kitchens. These days food strainers made of stainless steel are quite popular among homemakers and chefs alike because of their ease of use and durability.

What Are the Popular Types of Stainless Steel Food Strainers?


Also known as a fine mesh strainer, this accessory is a great help when you need to separate clumps existing in dry ingredients. The sieve is a utensil that is made up of a mesh that is used to separate the larger granules of solid substance contained in any semi-solid mass. 

It is also used as a tool to separate the impurities from any liquid or semi-liquid substance. The sieve is also used to separate grains from bran and to separate solid impurities from semi-solid substances. The size of the mesh in the sieve is the one used to separate the granules of any substance. 

The coarseness of the granules is the one that determines the sieve that is to be used. It is always advisable to use a finer sieve for finer granules and a coarser sieve to separate the coarse granules. The sieve can be made up of different materials but the most preferred material is metal. 

It is because of the high durability and ease of use that metal sieves are preferred as well as economical. The mesh of the sieve is always made of wires that are woven together. The sieve is available in different shapes and it is up to the user to choose the shape that is most appropriate for their purpose.


Colanders are a multi-purpose accessory that can come in handy for a lot of activities. You can use them for straining and rinsing food items as well as separating solids from liquids. A colander is a kitchen utensil mainly used for draining away the water from cooked food items.

The food can be cooked in a variety of ways, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be boiled. Colanders are multi-purpose kitchen accessories that can be used for a lot of activities. They are mainly used for draining water from food, but they can also be used for serving food items, separating solids from liquids, drying food items and even as a base for mixing ingredients.


A conical-shaped sieve, chinois features a fine mesh. It serves as an excellent strainer for sauces, soups, purees, and custards. It is also known as a conical sieve, conical strainer, and China cap. The mesh is so fine, it can only be used with liquids. If a viscous liquid is attempted to be strained, the liquid may get trapped in the mesh, and be hard to get out. A chinois is usually made out of stainless steel with a wooden handle.


Tamis is a flat-bottom strainer useful for sifting dry ingredients and separating larger particles from finer ones. If you need to strain fruit purees, this is the ideal accessory. The tamis has a flat, rectangular bottom that rests on a countertop or bowl and is ideal for the finer sifting of dry ingredients. Stuff like flour, brown sugar and cocoa powder all benefit from the tamis’ ability to sift out the finer particles without mashing them into a fine powder.

Food Mill

This stainless-steel kitchen accessory helps remove pulp and seeds from food. It is also used for pureeing or straining soft food items, such as mashed potatoes. Food mills are a great tool to have when you're cooking from scratch. They're designed to quickly and easily remove seeds, pulp, and skins from fruits, vegetables, and even meats. Leftover bits of these foods are the culprits behind much of the food waste in North America. 

This is because most people don't know exactly how to use them. For example, if you don't know what type of food mill to buy, you're likely to purchase the wrong one. And if you don't use the food mill correctly, you won't achieve the results you're looking for. So before you order a food mill, make sure you understand exactly how to use it.

How to Select Stainless Steel Food Strainers?

Determine the Utility

First, decide for what purpose you need the strainer. Do you need it to sieve dry ingredients, strain purees, or do something else? Based on the utility, select the type of strainer you want.

Select the Size

Most strainers come in different sizes. Depending on your requirement, select the size of the strainer you want to buy.

Opt For Good Quality 

Go for high-grade stainless-steel strainers that will ensure maximum durability and hassle-free use.

Buy Stainless Steel Food Strainers Online at Meesho

Food strainers are a must-have accessory for your kitchen. You can now shop for stainless steel food strainers online at Meesho at the best prices. Our collection has food strainers of all varieties and types to meet your needs.


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