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Mens Sandals

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More About Reselling Mens Sandals

In the world of men’s fashion, footwear is sometimes considered even more important than the outfits. Having a solid footwear collection including both casual and formal designs will keep you sorted for a long time. When we talk of casual footwear, men’s sandals immediately come to mind.

If you like keeping your feet comfortable during the summer, a pair of sandals is just what you need. Available in different materials like rubber, leather, and canvas, men’s sandals form an essential part of casual wear. You can either stick to classic colors and designs or play with the latest trends to make a statement.

Men’s Sandals - A Yes Or A Big No?

Though sandals for men have been around for a long time, they are like contraband that few use and the rest do not. The neverending dispute on whether or not men’s toes should be given a breather does not seem to end but perhaps for the first time, why should girls have all the fun? This season is all about expecting the unexpected and embracing open toes with sandals for men. Lovingly called ‘Mandals’, men’s sandals are a godsend for the Indian summer season and Indian men love them. They come in a huge variety of types, some of the most popular ones are mentioned below.

Latest And Most Trending Sandals For Men

Flip Flops For Men - Arguably the most popular type of sandals for men, flip flops for men are a bestseller here at Meesho during the summer seasons. They are super comfortable, cozy, versatile, and oh so fun. If it is something that simply reminds you of a great vacation time, it is flip flop sandals for men. Every vacation calls for a vibrant and colorful pair of flip flops that you can wear and lounge near the pool or on the beach. Rubber flip flops work best for this purpose. While heading out for a casual bite, go for a sturdier pair of flip flops, preferably a leather flip flop for men.

Walking Sandals For Men - If you are an active, outdoorsy type then a pair of comfortable walking sandals for men is a must-have for you. Though not very high on the style and fashion quotient, walking sandals does make an amazing choice for people who are more dynamic, active, and like to indulge in physical activities. These sandals for men offer fantastic comfort, protection and can sure as hell stand the test of time. Just like a pair of flip flops remind you of the beach, walking sandals remind us of tiresome but completely worthy hikes and explorations.

Huarache Sandals For Men - The perfect blend of smart and casual, a pair of huarache sandals for men are made for those carefree summer parties. Resembling a pair of loafers, but unlike a loafer that is much preferred for winters, these sandals are extremely lightweight making them a staple for the summers. Embrace the summer season and still maintain your smart, yet casual look with our collection of huarache sandals for men. Browse our category at Meesho to explore a wide range of huarache sandals for men. From the most minimalist huarache sandals to its more elegant counterpart with a loafer style, we offer a huge selection of men’s sandals at affordable prices at Meesho.

Sliders Or Mules For Men - When we said that the fashion scene was not okay with sandals for men, we obviously forgot about sliders or mule sandals that are a huge heartthrob of men all around the world. From big brands like Adidas and Nike, sliders have literally taken over the world and are topping the fashion charts. Sliders are like the streetwear version of sandals for men that men have taken into wearing everywhere, from grocery shopping to offices. Style these sandals for men with a pair of socks, shorts or sweatpants, and a plain T-shirt.

Styling Men’s Sandals And How To Make It Appropriate to Wear Outside?

Men’s Sandal With Indian Outfits - One of the outfits that look fantastic when styled with a pair of sandals for men has to be Indian outfits for men like Kurta Pajama, Dhoti, or Lungis. A pair of Kolhapuri sandals for men can complete the look of any Indian men outfit and make you look all sorts of handsome. Shop for a pair of sandals from Meesho that can make all your Indian wear look complete and you, handsome.

Sandals For Men With Shorts - A perfect combination for those beach vacations, I’m sure everyone can imagine themselves sipping margaritas on a beach wearing shorts and a pair of flip flop sandals for men. Get yourself a pair of comfortable, yet versatile sandals for men and style it with an oversized and baggy Hawaiian shirt and shorts that are as funky. If you’re feeling too inspired, do not forget to add in the touch of a straw hat.

Sandals For Men With Swimwear - Sandals make an amazing addition to your vacation outfits. Just be sure not to make the same mistake many people make when they go with a pair of flip flops instead of a walking sandal. Flip flops are not sturdier and can result in you having a bad fall near the water as they tend to skid and slip on slippery surfaces. Opt for a pair of walking sandals in neutral color and style it with a pair of tailored or brief swimwear.

Buy The Latest Sandals For Men Online At The Lowest Prices

We hope that the above article helped you decide on what style of sandals you would want to try. You can browse Meesho’s footwear collection to find thousands of innovative styles for every budget and choose the perfect men’s sandal for yourself. Opt for the latest versions in comfortable and high-quality material of sandals for men at affordable prices to make the most out of your trendy outfit. Browse online and find the style that will help you rock the perfect look.


What is the starting price for Mens Sandals?

The typical starting price for Mens Sandals is Rs. 200. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 245 Mens Sandals on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Mens Sandals?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Mens Sandals: Leather Sandals, Red Sandals, Gold Sandals, Mochi Sandals, Velcro Sandals,

How can I buy Mens Sandals online?

You can browse over 245 options for Mens Sandals online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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