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More About Reselling Bangles

Adding colorful bangles to your accessory collection is a must for every fashion-forward woman! Bangles add that much-needed touch of glamour to any ethnic outfit. Even a pair of simple bangles can upgrade your look from boring to breathtaking instantly. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a lovely collection of bangles for yourself. Explore our huge collection of designer bangles in alluring designs and patterns, online, and keep up with the latest trends. Mix and match your bangles with your outfits and accessories to create your own style statement!

The Timeless Appeal Of Indian Bangles

We know that bangles have been an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times. In fact, traditionally, bangles were worn by both men and women even though the designs and material varied. Considered to be the symbol of fertility, bangles hold a special significance for married women. While Indian bagels share some similarities with Western bracelets, they have some unique features which set them apart from other wrist ornaments. Bangles have a rigid form and do not have the flexible ‘chain’ structure usually found in bracelets. They may or may not have closure and are traditionally circular in shape.

Must-Have Classic Bangle Designs And Style Tips

Glass Bangles

The charming sight of colorful glass bangles displayed in the street side shops is one that we have etched in our minds since childhood. The most stunning and popular variation of bangles in India, glass bangles come in a variety of designs and colors. Women often choose to wear colored glass bangle sets to match with their sarees. However, the only disadvantage of wearing glass bangles is that they are brittle, hence might break easily. This is why acrylic bangles have taken over and are often preferred by traditional glass bangles. Firozabad glass bangles are adored by women all over the globe.

Metal Bangles

Metallic bangles sometimes come with a simple clasp closure Apart from these unadorned bangles, one can also find a lot of glass bangle designs that incorporate bulky decorations. This includes stones, gems, pearls, beads, or even bells as well as gold or silver. If your Lehenga or skirt is a bit traditional try to go for Gold or Lac Bangles.


The traditional Chooda has a special significance in Pubjabi culture. During Punjabi weddings, the bride’s maternal relatives gift gold Choodas to her on the day of the wedding. However, these days, Choodas are available in a variety of colors and bright tones like red , pink and green are bridal favorites. Colorful designs give a refreshing twist to the traditional everyday bangles. They often come with intricate details and elaborate patterns.

Outfit Combinations For Traditional Bangles

When opting for traditional designs in bangles, it’s best to pair them with ethnic wear outfits like Sarees or suits. You can get a few colorful bangle sets and match them with the primary color of your outfit. For glass bangles, wearing assorted colors on one hand is the current trend. When it comes to metal bangles, you can try out different looks. Wear just one pair of statement bangles in silver or gold with your formal suit or Kurti and pair them with matching earrings. For weddings, You can pair a set of glass bangles matching the color of your Lehenga or saree with a pair of metallic bracelet style bangles for the perfect look. For Western outfits, traditional bangles may not be the best choice.

Try to find modern designer bangles from the list below to ace your fusion look.

Latest Contemporary Bangle Designs And Style Tips

Thread Bangles

While classic bangles made of gold, silver and glass are still in fashion,modern jewelry tends to be lightweight compared to traditional designs. Thread bangles have emerged as one of the most popular contemporary styles.They are usually made of silk threads wrung around a rigid inner structure.The best part is that you can get them in different colors at affordable prices. Ball Chains are hanging that enhance the beauty of these artificial bangles. These look charming and make your traditional attire look attractive.


Some women prefer to wear just one chunky bangle instead of a complete set. This gives of a much more casual vibe and is easy to carry. Throughout history, Kadas were worn by both men and women in India for religious reasons. However, modern Kadas have more elaborate designs and may also have bracelet style closures. A classy Kada can add oomph to an otherwise boring outfit without attracting too much attention. You will find different designs from Meenakari Kadas to Meenakari kadas to wooden ones. Wear one on each wrist to add some regal charm to your casual or formal outfit.

Sterling Silver Bangles

Much loved for its quality and durability, sterling silver is quite widely used in modern jewelry. In fact, sterling jewelry has given a tough competition to pure silver and gold. You can buy plain or designer bangles to add to your collection. In fact you can combine plain sterling silver bangles with a couple of oxidized ones to create a charming vintage look. These bangles are easy to clean and store and retain their shine for a long time. Cuff bangles made of sterling silver are extremely popular among working women and college girls.

Oxidized Bangles

The vintage look is all the rage these days. This is the reason why oxidized jewelry is trending everywhere. When it comes to ethnic wear, oxidized bangles and other pieces not only complement every outfit but also give a fashionable look without going overboard. Indian jewelry designers have come up with unique, fusion designs in oxidized bangles that are available at reasonable prices in the market.Jewelry designers have now been focusing on different patterns to make use of this metal.

Best Ways To Style Contemporary Bangles

Whenever you want to style your outfit with bangles in the right way, you should keep certain points in mind. Styling your outfit and accessories well will go a long way into achieving that sophisticated look.

If you are going for a casual ethnic look,bangles with embellishments are the best choice. For office or college wear outfits, weaning a bunch of bangles might not be appropriate. Go for a single Kada and a matching pair of earrings to wear with your Kurti or suit.

It's very important to match your bangles with your outfit as it will define your overall look. If your outfit primarily consists of neutral hues, you can opt for contrasting, colorful silk thread bangles. Popular Indo Western outfits like the evergreen ethnic skirt and crop top call for something classy and elegant yet understated.Pearl or thread bangles can enhance this look perfectly.You can add a pair of earrings to complete your look.

Pair your simple Kurta with a pair of oxidized jhumkas and a cuff bangle and you will be surprised at how elegant this minimalistic look can be. Cuffs look amazing with maxi dresses and tunics as well.

Buy The Latest Bangles Online At The Best Prices

Now that you have checked out the latest bangle trends, you might be wondering where to get them online. Meesho offers an amazing collection of designer bangles in the best quality and at the best prices. It will help you to buy the trends while staying within your budget. From amazing embellished designs to beautiful plain bangles you can choose your favorites from our huge selection. In fact you can also resell bangles to your social media network and start your own business with Meesho. So, start right now and give your jewelry box a makeover this season!


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Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Denim Kurtis: Kurta, Sleeveless Kurtis, Chiffon Kurtis, Collar Neck Kurti, Pure Cotton Kurtis,

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