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Get Original USB Data Cables Online

A USB data cable is an essential accessory, no matter which phone you are using. But original data cables that are affordable as well are hard to come by. You need to make sure that the charging is fast and the cable works for your phone and laptop as well. It should also be sturdy. We have some of the best picks in the market, all at affordable prices. You will find compact and travel friendly options that come with a warranty as well. With the best quality data cables here , you will get fast charging and ensure the safety of your phone.

All About Data Cables That Can Power up Your Devices

A data cable is an easy and effective means to transfer data from a source to a destination. It is what you need when you want to exchange data between your smartphone and any other device. It can also help you to charge the battery of your phone. No wonder, data cables are one of the most extensively used mediums for data transfer in today’s age.

If you have damaged your existing data cable or have lost it, you must be looking for a replacement. However, you need to exercise a bit of caution when selecting a new data cable online. This is because a data cable of questionable quality can leave your phone or battery damaged. 

Let’s take a look at all that you need to know about data cables to make an informed choice.

Types of Data Cables

Before you can select a durable data cable for your device, you need to know about the various available types. These cables are differentiated by the connectors attached to them.

USB Data Cable Type-A 

USB Type-A is considered to be one of the most common USB data cables that are in use today. The connector attached to this data cable has a rectangular shape. Such data cables are used to connect various types of devices, including smartphones, keyboards, cameras, etc. You can connect them to computers and transfer data easily. This variety of data cable can also be used as a charger for gadgets having a Type-A port. 

USB Data Cable Type-B 

USB Type-B is mainly used to connect scanners and printers to computers. The connector of this type of data cable has a square shape having a beveled exterior corner located on the top ends. The Type B socket is categorized as mini, micro, and standard. While all of them share the same functionality, they differ in terms of physical shapes, which are suited to their applications. 

USB Data Cable Type-C 

USB Type-C is among the latest data cables to storm the market. That is why you can find it on almost all new devices. A distinct feature of this data cable is that it offers reverse plug orientation. This means you can simply plug in the cable without bothering about it being upside down or not. For mobile devices, this has become the standard. Compared to the previous USB varieties, the Type-C version enables faster transfer of data. 

Factors That Can Impact the Performance of a Data Cable

Several factors can influence the performance of a data cable. These include the following:

The Material of the Data Cable

USB data cables are made of different types of materials. Some of the most popular materials used to manufacture this cable are PVC, TPE, and Nylon. The outer part of the data cable can be hard or soft to touch. When it comes to durability, the soft data cables are better as the hard cables are more likely to suffer damage due to storage. 

The Length of the Data Cable

The length of the data cable plays a significant role in determining its speed of data transfer as well as the charging speed. Usually, the shorter the data cable, the faster is its ability to transmit data or charge up a device and the smaller is the resistance. 

The Thickness of the Data Cable

The thickness of the internal wires of a data cable can impact its charging speed significantly. The thicker the inner core of the data cable, the better its efficiency in transfering data and the faster its ability to charge up a device. 

Advantages of Using Original Data Cables

It is always advantageous to opt for high-quality original data cables instead of settling for cheap options. Some of the major advantages of using original data cables are:

Speed and Efficiency

High-quality data cables provide efficient service when it comes to charging or data transferring functionalities. 

Durability and Long Life

Compared to cheap data cables, superior quality data cables have longer lives and prove to be a good value for money. 

Points to Consider When Buying Data Cables Online

When you are investing in a new data cable, you need to keep in mind a few points that will help you to make the right choice. These include the following:

Purpose of Purchasing the Data Cable

It is important to be clear about why you want to purchase the data cable. Depending on that, you can select the type, length, and size of the cable. For instance, if you want a data cable for just charging your smartphone or other devices, then opt for a fast charging one. If you want to use it for transferring data, you need to purchase a USB data transfer cable.

Quality of the Data Cable

More often than not, data cables suffer damage due to improper handling. For instance, they are generally folded or coiled before being slipped inside bags, pockets, or purses. This often causes the wires and connectors of the cable to break, resulting in slower functioning. A high-quality data cable is usually designed to withstand or prevent such wear and tear and still function properly. 

Data Cable Price

Data cables do not belong to the highly expensive category of accessories. However, they can still cost you a nice amount if you opt for a superior quality data cable with a thick inner core and a short length. But if you opt for a cheap option, it may break down after a while, and you will have to replace it with another piece. So, it is better to invest in a high-quality piece that can meet your needs for a long time. 

Buy Reliable and High-Quality Data Cables Online On Meesho

Now that you have a good idea about data cables and their types and advantages, you can resume your task of finding the perfect one for your needs. Meesho has a wide array of reliable data cables that are high in quality and low on price. These cables also tick the box for flawless performance. All you need to do is make your choice from this collection of superior quality data cables and place your order. So, do not waste any more time and start selecting your data cable with confidence.


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