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Women Rings

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More About Reselling Women Rings

Made of almost any hard material, women rings are often crafted with the help of precious stones and metal and used to adorn the fingers of the wearer. These are often embedded with precious stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc. to make them more ornamental or show off one’s wealth. Rings are also exchanged all over the world during or before a couple gets married.

There Is No Better Way Of Gifting Than A Ring

A ring is a circular band worn around the finger, usually made with precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc.. It is not just an accessory to pair with your outfits, it has a lot of monetary as well as sentimental value. Especially when it comes to gifting, a ring is considered one of the best jewellery to gift.

Rings are exchanged during engagements and marriages as a sign of fidelity, authority, or social status. Rings are also worn on the toes by women in many parts of India.

History Of Rings For Women

The earliest known rings date back to ancient Egypt. During the excavation of tombs, several signet or seal rings were found that were used to engrave seals to authenticate important documents. They generally consisted of the name and designation of its wearer engraved in a gold bezel.

The ancient Greeks used the rings more as jeweled adornments, while the Romans believed rings to signify the social status of the wearer. The ancient Roman wore rings mostly made of Iron as gold rings were reserved for just people of high status. Gradually this rule was eased and everyone except the slaves has the right to wear a ring. It is also believed that the Romans were the ones who started the custom of presenting one’s beloved with rings.

Different Types Of Rings For Women That Can Be Found Online

There are several different types of rings for women, some of the famous are as below:

Gold Ring

One of the most preferred metals for rings or in fact any jewellery, gold is a classic choice for a ring. Choose from three different colors - gold, white gold, and rose gold, and look dazzling with that band in your finger. The purest form of gold ring is a 24-carat gold ring.

Silver Ring

A silver ring is preferred by many men and women around the world. IT gives a fierce, bold, and almost bohemian look to any outfit. A silver ring is a phenomenal choice as it does not get tarnished easily and can be used for daily wear use.

Diamond Ring

Also known as the love ring, a diamond ring is used as a symbol to profess one’s love, fidelity, and loyalty all over the world. Diamond rings are offered to women by men during proposals, engagements, and even weddings. They generally consist of a band made of any precious metal with a diamond at the center. The diamond is either cut or uncut, colored or white.

Platinum Ring

Even more precious and expensive than gold and silver, platinum rings are made with precious platinum metal. A platinum ring is slightly mellow in color to that of a silver ring.

Wedding or Bridal Ring

In several cultures all around the world, the betrothed present each other with a wedding or bridal ring as a sign of true love and loyalty. The ring depends on the choice of the bride and groom and can be either extravagant or a simple ring.

Birthstone Ring

A birthstone ring is a band of metal adorned with a birthstone in the middle. A birthstone is a stone assigned to each and every month of the year. People buy a birthstone ring according to the month they are born in.

Promise Ring

Just like a wedding ring, a promise ring is more symbolic than anything. It is present as a gift to someone you make a promise to. A promise ring is generally made from the precious metal and often contains a rare stone.

Artificial Stone Ring

For people who do not want to spend a ton of money on rings made with precious metal and stones, it is best to buy an artificial stone ring. These rings look extremely authentic without you having to worry about getting mugged.

Amulet Ring

Amulet rings are also called Talisman and have been worn by people all over the world to ward off the evil eye and bring the wearer good fortune.

Symbolism Of Wearing Ring In Different Fingers

Wearing rings in different fingers signifies different things in several cultures all around the world.

Some of the most common traditions and customs of wearing rings are listed below.

Ring Finger

Bridal, wedding, or engagement rings are generally worn by betrothed couples on the fourth finger of their left hand as an ultimate sign of fidelity and love. This tradition is linked to the old belief that a vein in the fourth finger of the left hand directly connects to the heart.

Pinky finger

The ancient signet or seal rings, due to their voluminous size were usually worn in the little or pinky finger by ancient Egyptians.

Index Finger

The index finger of the right hand is usually adorned with a bright and vibrant range of birthstone rings. These rings are worn according to the month the wearer was born.

Amulet Ring

These rings can be worn on any finger but usually depends on the design of the ring and what purpose the ring is being worn. Most people generally wear the ring on any finger the rings fit in.

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What is the starting price for Women Rings?

The typical starting price for Women Rings is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 169 Women Rings on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Women Rings?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Women Rings: Artificial Jewellery, Pearl Rings, Silver Rings, Hand Rings, Gold Rings For Women,

How can I buy Women Rings online?

You can browse over 169 options for Women Rings online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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