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When it comes to protecting our mattresses from the test of time, unwanted spoilage, dirt, and blemishes, we generally trust a flimsy bedsheet that does not do much. Since mattresses are heavy and cannot be cleaned by itself, protecting your mattress with waterproof mattress protectors is a must.

Check Out Our Waterproof Mattress Protectors That Will Help Keep Your Bed Clean

Say goodbye to the feeling of helplessness when you drop a wet liquid on your bed, with our range of waterproof mattress protectors. Made from sturdy, high quality material, our amazing mattress protectors will surely help you sleep well at night.

Mattress Protectors Online for Your Mattresses

Had a long hectic day at work? All you need to do is relax on your comfy mattress to give your body and back the much-needed rest to wake up fresh like a daisy the next morning. So, to maintain the quality of your mattress and to cherish the comfort of your existing mattress for years, a mattress protector is highly recommended. A mattress protector renders great functionality and is beneficial in many ways. However, many people are not familiar with the importance of these magical protectors.

A little stain on your favorite mattress can degrade its quality for the rest of its life. Therefore, to protect your mattress from any kind of water spill, stain, unwanted spoilage, dirt,, protectors are a must-have. Nowadays, just buying a mattress is not enough. A waterproof mattress protector has become an important accessory along with the mattress. The mattress covers aren’t just meant for children’s bedrooms; they can and should be used in every bedroom to protect the mattress through the test of time.

The mattress protector is placed on your comfy mattress’s surface and below the bed sheets, and acts as an additional fitted sheet to protect the mattress. These protectors are usually composed of cotton, polyester, and other fabrics that help repel liquid and prevent dirt, dust and other allergens from penetrating the mattress and will keep your bed fresh and unsoiled.

For all this while, if you have been unfamiliar with the aesthetic functionality of the mattress protector, now is the time to get to know more about them and bring them home. Meesho offers a wide range of mattress protectors online to satisfy the diversified needs of customers. Listed below are the major benefits of using a waterproof mattress protector.

Keep Your Mattress Looking New With Mattress Protectors

Proper care is essential to let any product last for a long time, and what could be better than a mattress protector to let your mattress last for years. Using a waterproof mattress protector ensures that your mattress looks brand new even after using it for years. If you are someone who just can’t survive without your existing mattress, get the best mattress protector today itself so that you can maintain the quality of your mattress and relish its comfort for years.

Waterproof Mattress Protectors: Keep Your Mattress Safe From Water and Dust

No matter how much you cover your mattress with bed sheets or where you live or keep your room’s window closed, your mattress is bound to get untidy and dusty over a while. To avoid this and to keep your mattress clean and hygienic, a quality mattress protector is a must for your bed. If you are allergic to dust and dirt, then this is something you should buy for your healthy being. We all know that a mattress cannot be washed, whereas a mattress protector can be, which will help keep the mattress clean. A wide range of mattress protectors is available online at Meesho at reasonable prices with various benefits. All you gotta do is pick the best mattress protector based on your needs.

Guard against other elements:

Your mattress not only needs protection from dust particles but also other elements like water, blemishes, stains, and in fact, from your favorite furry friend at home. In today’s scenario, the pollution level is going up at an alarming rate. Depending on the place where you live, it’s not only dust but also various other types of harmful particles that get trapped in the mattress, leading to various breathing problems. A good quality mattress protector is effective in keeping your bed’s mattress clean.

Mattress Protectors Protect You From Allergies And Bed Bugs

If you or your family members have any allergies, you would want to get a mattress protector. The cover keeps you healthier by avoiding your contact with animal dander, dust mites, and other allergens with the mattress itself. By any chance, if these allergens end up on the cover since the cover is washable, it can be removed and washed. But getting the mattress rid of allergens is going to be more difficult.

Not only are you protecting yourself from allergens, but certain pests and insects as well when you use a mattress protector. Bed Bugs are a major issue we face in our sleeping time. Even if you keep a clean house, there are chances that you could get bed bugs if you stay somewhere out for a short while, like a hotel, that has them. Bed bugs are hard to find on mattresses, and the harder part is to get rid of them. Since these bed bugs dig deep into the mattresses’ cracks or corners, this can be prevented by having a washable mattress protector over the bed. You will have a healthier, better sleep overall with the mattress protector.

Types of Mattress Protectors

After getting to know about the various benefits of a mattress protector, you are surely inclined to get one for your favorite mattress. Meesho is the one-stop store for all your mattress protector needs. It offers various types of mattress protectors such as:

Elastic Strap Waterproof Mattress Protector

This type of waterproof mattress protector just lies over the surface of your mattress below the bedspread with its elastic straps wrapped around the corner of the mattress. This holds it in place over the mattress and prevents it from getting any stains or blemishes.

Zippered or Encasement Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is a widely preferred and one of the best waterproof mattress protectors for beds, which offers 100% coverage to mattresses from top to bottom as the mattress protector is sealed with a fine zipper.

Custom Fit Mattress Protectors

It is a popular type of mattress protector available online. This one is a bit similar to the elastic strap mattress protector as it fits the mattress like a bedspread. The only difference between this type of mattress protector and the elastic one is that it is tucked under the mattress with pocketed corners. In contrast, the elastic one is wrapped around the mattress with the elastic strap.

Buy The Best Mattress Protectors Online

So, no matter whether you are single, married, have kids, or have pets at home, just having a mattress is not enough. A waterproof mattress protector is a must as it has various benefits that will provide you with a cleaner and healthy lifestyle and increase your favorite mattress’s lifespan. Meesho offers a wide range of waterproof mattress protectors online and that too at very economical costs. All these mattress protectors are composed of different materials such as cotton, polyester, polyurethane, and others to suit varied customer needs. Next time, while buying a mattress, don’t forget to get a mattress protector, which offers you with utmost comfort and relaxation and helps you sleep like a baby.


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