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More About Reselling Table Covers

Now protecting your expensive table from spilled food and drinks is easier than ever with our wide collection of dining table covers. Not only will our table covers protect your table, but it will also make it look super stylish and edgy. Get yourself a table cover that suits all your moods.

Shop From A Huge Selection Of Dining Table Cover Designs Online

If you’re feeling extra, get yourself a Victorian-style table cover with ruffles while if you’re a minimalist get yourself a dining table cover with muted colors and warm earth tones. Save your furniture from any harm with alluring table cover designs from Meesho.

Table Covers To Make Any Table Look So Much More Aesthetic 

Everyone knows how expensive furniture can be and how much care and love they require. This is the exact reason why table covers came to being. From protecting your expensive furniture from random spillage of food and drinks to making it look so much more stylish, table covers are being used all over the world for different reasons. Moreover one can easily show their personal style through their table cover choices. And when it comes to choosing a table cover for your precious table, you literally have so many options. Below are some of the best options for table cover designs to choose from. 

Different And Latest Types Of Table Covers For Your Table 

Linen Table Covers 

One of the earliest table covers known to humankind, linen table covers are also one of the favorites of many. The feel of linen table covers are rather elegant and luxurious and they were once used only by the aristocrats during medieval times. Since linen has longer fibers when compared to cotton, it is obviously more durable but more on the expensive side. The best thing about linen table covers is that they last for generations and are heirlooms that are passed on with generations. These table covers suit the best for formal and fancy occasions. 

Vinyl Table Covers

Easily one of the most affordable table covers on the market, vinyl table covers are just perfect for outdoor eating and casual dining scenes without having to worry about any sort of dirt and food spills. Vinyl table covers have a texture that falls somewhere between plastic and polyester that gives it the best texture for outdoors. These table covers can be conveniently cleaned after with just a stroke of a wet cloth. They require no dry cleaning or heavy washing and are also one of the most durable table covers out there. 

Polyester Table Covers

An affordable alternative to linen table covers, polyester table covers are made using a synthetic material that can be made to look like linen. Polyester table covers are affordable and inexpensive but more shiny and silky. If you are expecting a lot of people and having a fancy gathering but are worried about spoiling your expensive linen table cloth, use an alternative polyester table cloth for such occasions just to stay safe. These table covers are wrinkle, spill, shrink resistant, and easily one of those table covers that are highly durable. 

Plastic Table Covers

Want to protect your expensive tables? Plastic table covers are probably your best option. They protect your table better than any other table cover on this list. These table covers are water and stain-resistant and are just perfect for outdoor purposes. Plastic table covers look cheaper than most of the table covers and are also more inexpensive than the rest. They are convenient to clean up after and can be used over and over again until they tear out. One cannot go wrong with plastic table covers for corporate events. Shop for the best plastic table covers online at the best prices in Meesho. 

Cotton Table Covers

One of the bestsellers here at Meesho, cotton table covers are very popular as well as very cheap. Cotton table covers are ideal for both formal events as well as informal events. These tablecloths and covers are extremely durable and can stand a lot of wear and tear and can also be easily thrown in the laundry after every use. The only disadvantage of this table cover is that it can shrink easily. The best way to shop for cotton table covers online is your favorite online store - Meesho. 

Silk Table Covers

The most expensive table cover in this list, silk table covers radiate sheer elegance and sophistication. These table covers are available in a wide range of different designs like embroidery and other embellishments. The soft and delicate look and texture of the silk fabric lends all its charm to the gorgeous table cover design. Since they are one of the most expensive out here, silk table covers are more suitable for indoor eating and are very difficult to clean once the stain sets in. 

Best Online Shopping Destination For Table Covers At Discounted Prices

When it comes to home accessories, table covers are a must-have for everyone. Covering your table with a table cover and protecting it from any type of harm is the best way to take care of your expensive furniture. If you are into aesthetics, you can also use your table covers to express your personal style as well. At Meesho, you will find all the latest designs in one place without any hassle. Check out our collection of high-quality table covers right now!


What is the starting price for Table Covers?

The typical starting price for Table Covers is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 202 Table Covers on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Table Covers?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Table Covers: Plastic Table Cover, Platic Table Cover, Cotton Table Cover, Printed Table Cover, Pvc Table Cover,

How can I buy Table Covers online?

You can browse over 202 options for Table Covers online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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