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More About Reselling Men Watches

A good wristwatch can go a long way when you’re trying to make an impression! A minimalist, modern style watch is the contemporary equivalent of a pocket-watch from the 1800s. It has one duty: tell you the time. But it looks good and didn’t take months of work to put together.

Stylish And Modern Wrist Watches For Men

It’s officially time to dress your wrist up and give it the attention it deserves. Take the time to look through our online catalogs showcasing the best simple watches for men all unique in design and at an affordable price as well.

Best Wrist Watches For Men That You Need To Check Out

Even with smartphones ruling the world, a quality wrist watch is still a must have for every man. They do more than just tell time. A nice watch can help you make a fashion statement as well.The type of watch you choose has a lot to say about your personality. Much like clothes, you can choose from different types of watches, each of which is suited for certain occasions. To help you select the right watch for yourself, we have come up with this guide which will highlight the different types available in the market classified by display type, look, and technology.

Different Display Types In Wrist Watches for Men

Analog Wrist Watches

This is the watch that most of us grew up using. This is the classic design that has been around for over a century. Simple, uncomplicated and readily available, the analog wrist watch has two dials and is just the same as any other type of clock. Analog watches are convenient and easy to wear. The most popular designs you can get are simple leather strap watches or metallic finish watches in classic shades. They are also the most affordable of all the watches available in the market.

Digital Watches

This is a more modern version of the wrist watch. It has an LCD screen on which the date and time are displayed. These watches are usually powered by a battery. Compared to analog watches, digital watches are easier to use and more accurate. They are also less prone to damage. Some watches come with additional features like a calendar or weather information.

Hybrid Watches

This design combines the other two display types in a sort of hybrid technology. While these watches have an analog display with minute and hour hands it also has an LCD screen to display the time in numeric form. Some of these modern designs come with other features similar to a smartwatch. Pick The Right Wrist Watch Based On Style.

Apart from the display type of your watch, the look and style is also important. Depending on whether you want to use your wristwatch for everyday wear or for occasional or formal wear there are broad;y three categories they can be divided into.

Casual Watches For Men

Just like casual outfits, casual watches are designed for everyday use. The primary goal is not aesthetic appeal but functionality. Most people prefer to have a casual wrist watch for regular use while the other types are reserved for special events. They are not ornate or fancy in any way but rather sturdy and durable. They are also great for gift giving and much less costly than the fancier versions.

Dress Watches for Men

Dress watches are specifically designed for formal wear. Businessmen and office going men usually prefer this type of watch to wear with formal outfits. The designs are subtle and understated but also have a classy, sophisticated feel. They go perfectly with formal suits and shirts and come in some appealing and elegant designs. The goal is to add just a touch of class without drawing too much attention to the watch itself.

Men’s Fashion Watches

While there is no specific definition as to what a fashion watch actually is, the term is pretty self-explanatory. Those who want to stand out from the crowd with a watch that looks fashionable and stylish usually opt for these designs. Many brands have come up with extremely cool looking fashion watches in the last few years. Embellished metallic chain straps, fancy leather straps, and colored dials are the most popular elements in fashion watches for men.

Best Wrist Watches That Use Modern Technology

Solar Watches

As the name suggests, a solar wrist watch uses solar energy for power. Unlike battery operated watches, they do not need to be charged or winded regularly. This type of watch neutered the market in the 1970s and has since become quite popular among men all over the world. In fact, some brands are entirely dedicated to making solar watches. The solar panel placed within the watch converts sunlight into electrical energy.

Men’s solar watches come in many different styles to suit all tastes.If you are in the market for a nice luxury wristwatch, a solar watch is a good option to consider. Many solar watches are made with style in mind and incorporate ornate embellishments. You can also get solar watches that are made for outdoor and sports enthusiasts and feature specific functions.

Smart Watches

The recent digital trend has brought up all kinds of new gadgets into the market, smartwatches being one of them. This is a type of watch that usually allows you to connect your phone to it via Bluetooth or Wifi. They have a touch screen and perform many of the functions that a phone can. Most smartwatches have features like notifications, calendars, email, and other mobile apps. You can get water-resistant, sports smartwatches as well. These are perfect for those who are into sports or fitness and come with an inbuilt fitness tracker.

Get The Best Watches For Men Online At The Lowest Prices

Now, you can get the best designs of watches for men on Meesho at unbelievable prices. We have the best quality smart watches for you that will give you everything you need without costing a ton of money. Explore from a huge range of analog, digital, and smart watches in alluring designs that are available in our collection.


What is the starting price for Men Watches?

The typical starting price for Men Watches is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 16022 Men Watches on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Men Watches?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Men Watches: Leather Watches, Diamond Watches, Rose Gold Watches, Sports Watches, Black Watches,

How can I buy Men Watches online?

You can browse over 16022 options for Men Watches online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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