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Wearing the right innerwear is essential to get the proper look for any of your outfits. Long gone are the days when women’s briefs was just a basic necessity. With the ever-growing style trends, women’s underwear has gone through major changes and come in several different varieties. The right women’s underwear can enhance and elevate the look of several outfits. Imagine wearing leggings and the horror of those unwanted panty lines showing. Now say goodbye to unwanted and annoying panty lines with our online range of women underwear that come in several colors, sizes, and types and that too at an affordable price.

Browse Our Wide Collection Of Women Underwear And Panties For Ladies

Many women do not know and believe this but underwear is one of the most essential and integral item of clothing in your wardrobe. No matter how stunning and gorgeous your outfit is, the basic and the foundation of every good outfit is a women’s underwear. The right pair of women’s underwear can easily give your confidence a boost and while also making sure that you are comfortable. Therefore, it is safe and not overly dramatic to say that a pair of women’s underwear can either make or break your entire outfit. Though essential, there are different types of underwear that are fit for different purposes, below we have discussed them briefly.

Latest And Different Types Of Women’s Underwear That You Should Know About

Thong Underwears For Women - Hate when your pantylines show from your leggings or bodycon dresses? Then it’s time you said hi to your new best friend - thong underwears for women. There is literally no pantylines as thong underwears do not provide any sort of coverage from the back. These are the best underwear for women who like their natural silhouette under tight dresses and leggings. The strings of these underwear sit a few inches below your waist, almost touching your hips.

Bikini Underwears For Women - Easily one of the most popular and common types of women underwear, bikini underwear provide moderate coverage at the back, are low rise at the hips, and have a higher cut on the legs. From physical exercise to a comfortable work day, bikini underwear for women are really comfortable and make a fantastic pair with almost any clothing. No matter what you are sporting, a bikini underwear will make sure you are comfortable and give you a proper look. Shop for comfortable and stylish bikini underwear for women only at your favorite online store - Meesho.

Boyshorts Underwears For Women - Awfully similar to a men’s brief, boyshort underwear for women offer full coverage at the back and front without any compromise and look more like shorts than an underwear. These women’s underwear are perfect to wear on your night in, under some pants or as it is. Boyshorts underwear also make a fantastic underwear to wear under short skirts as they can save you from any sort of embarrassment.

Hipster Underwears For Women - Somewhere between a bikini underwear and boyshorts underwear is the hipster underwear for women. These comfortable pair of underwears offer more coverage both - towards the leg and hug your hips smugly. Hipster underwear for women sit close to your hips, a couple of inches below your normal waistline. These women’s underwear are perfect for low rise jeans, trousers, skirts, and any other item of clothing as due to its low rise, the underwear is not exposed. Hipster underwear for women are also available online in different types - from a high rise to low rise, you can choose one that fits you the best without compromising.

Briefs Underwears For Women - One of the most common and comfortable types of underwear for women, briefs are also sometimes referred to as granny panties. These women’s underwear are super comfortable and provide the maximum amount of coverage. Brief underwear for women offer high waist support and can be bought online from Meesho in packs of three or five. These make perfect underwear for women during that time of the month because of its high coverage factor.

G-String Underwears For Women - Quite similar to a thong, g-string underwears for women provide almost no coverage as the front and back fabric is directly connected to the tiny and thin waistband. These underwear for women are best for when you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

Tanga Underwears For Women - Offering a coverage that stands somewhere between a thong and a bikini, tanga underwear for women is super sexy. Tanga underwear for women are extremely popular in several European countries. They can be worn under dresses, jeans, and many other items of clothing.

Seamless Underwears For Women - One of the most famous types of underwear for women and definitely a bestseller here at Meesho, seamless underwear for women, just like the name suggests come without any stitches making it fit for bodycon or tightly fitted clothes. Seamless underwear for women are also made from premium fabrics making them so much more comfortable than any other underwear for women. Meesho offers a huge variety of comfortable as well as trendy underwear for women that you should definitely check out at the earliest, before everything runs out.

Get The latest Women’s Underwear Online At Extremely Low Prices

With Meesho, it is now easier than ever before to shop online for underwear and innerwear for women. Our website is a host to a large collection of amazing and comfortable underwear for women that come in different colors, designs, and styles. You can even sell our products to your social network and start your own reselling business, your perfect underwears for women are just a click away.


What is the starting price for Women Briefs?

The typical starting price for Women Briefs is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 638 Women Briefs on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Women Briefs?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Women Briefs: Lingerie For Women, Modal Briefs, Orange Lingerie Sets, Nude Briefs, Grey Lingerie Sets,

How can I buy Women Briefs online?

You can browse over 638 options for Women Briefs online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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