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More About Reselling Towels

Draping a soft towel around yourself after a bath is a divine feeling! As with other household items, a lot of thought should go into choosing the right towels. While most people go for basic cotton towels, the quality and softness of the fabric make a huge difference in how the towel feels against your skin.

A Variety Of Luxurious Bath and Beach Towels Online

Apart from this, you need to make sure that the material is absorbent, durable, and dries quickly. We have an extensive collection of bath towels that you can choose from to turn your baths into a spa-like experience at an affordable price. 

Enjoy the Comfort and Functionality of Quality Bath Towels

Everyone needs the most hardworking, softest, and fluffiest towels to have an excellent start to the day. Picking up the right bath towels is as essential as other imperative household items, and you must select the best ones which are durable and with superb drying abilities. Bath towels are quite versatile and are used in various ways around the house. If you're planning to take a shower, you need to have a bath towel to dry yourself. A bath towel is also a great material to place on your bed or couch if you want to dress up for a special occasion, or you can even use it before you get in the shower!

Here Is How You Must Purchase Your Bath Towels

When you need a bath towel, you can't wait to have one, and you are always looking for the best ones. Here are the key factors that can make you pick up the right towel. First and foremost, the towel should be made of a quality and durable fabric that's soft to the touch. It must be absorbent enough by absorbing water and keeping you warm when it's cold. The towel should be the right size for you and there are other factors to consider as well. The towel should be easy to clean and it should be affordable. Today, there are plenty of bath towels available in the market and you will be spoilt for choice. But, before you decide to buy one, be sure to take a look at these factors!

1. Purchasing Towels Based on Materials

Let us look at various materials for bath towels:

  • Cotton Towels - The softness and strength of cotton is the reason it's used for bath linens and towels. The longer fibres can be spun into yarn and are capable of absorbing and retaining an enormous amount of water. Cotton towels are also perfect for absorbing excess water. This is why they are used in the kitchen and bathroom since they can soak up a lot of water and dry quite quickly. Plus, cotton has a nice soft feel and it's easy to wash and launder.
  • Synthetic Microfiber – Microfiber towels are made from synthetic materials and are lighter than cotton towels because they don't soak up as much moisture. They also feel softer. Besides being easy to clean and maintain, microfiber towels are also hypoallergenic, which means that there are no chances of you getting rashes or irritation at the gym.
  • Linen: Linen is one of the most versatile materials, used for hundreds of years. It's strong, soft, and can be used for just about anything from clothing, to sail cloth and fine linens. The dyes that are used to create beautiful patterns and colors are safe to use and will last for years!  Linen towels are the best for the powder room, soften with each wash, and come in stunning designs and patterns. 

2. Purchasing Towels Based on Weave

  • Cotton terry cloth towels with a weave of tiny loops of thread. These are absorbent and fluffy but also can be slow to dry.
  • Turkish towels are thin bath sheets with a tight weave. These are although less absorbent, yet are quite durable and lightweight.
  • Honeycomb or waffle weave towels are luxurious ones with a puckered texture for airflow that gives a revitalizing after-shower rubdown. These towels online can be prone to shrinkage but add quality and standard to your plush bathrooms.

3. Purchasing Bath Towels Online Based on Weight

  • Grams per square meter – GSM measures the density of the towels, which usually ranges between 300 – 900 GSM:
  • 300 – 400 gram towels are ideal for a kitchen or a gym as they are thin, light, and quick to dry.
  • 400-600 gram towels can be used for everyday use and are great beach towels.
  • 600 – 900 gram towels are luxurious, dense, and absorbent with appropriate fluff and thickness but can take a bit more drying time.

4. Purchasing Bath Towels Online Based on Color and Style

You have to take into account the weather and your comfort level. When the weather is hot and humid, it is best to have a towel that is thinner and lighter. If the weather is cool and breezy, you will want a thicker towel to help keep you warm. You also have to consider the colours that work best with your bath or kitchen decor. Many designs have cute animals, floral designs, and even inspirational quotes. These designs can be great to encourage leisure and relaxation. When it comes to pattern, most towels are solid colours or striped. You can also find towels with tropical prints.

5. Purchasing Bath Towels Online Based on Care

A bathroom has many different types of towels for various needs. There are face towels for drying your face, hand towels for drying your hands, and bath towels for drying off your entire body. You must choose towels that are both stylish and comfortable for your bathroom. Don’t go for towels that require extra care, leave residue on your body, or are easily stained. Soft and absorbent towels are more pleasant to the touch and don’t require any special treatment. I’ll help you choose the right towels for you and your family.Towels should be washed appropriately to reduce any lint and to improve absorbency. Towels should be washed in warm water and mild detergent to remove any dirt, dust, or oils that accumulate on the surface of the fabric.

Buy The Latest Bath Towels Online at Low Prices

For a better towel purchase, you must dig deep into research about various factors before you select the finest high-quality towels.It is imperative to know that Meesho offers bath towels in different shades, hues, and patterns with the most reasonable prices. These bath towels are available in a number of different sizes, ensuring that your bathroom is ready for any guest. It is known that bath towels are an integral part of the bathroom and hence tend to play an important role in terms of aesthetics. These bath towels are very soft, great for your skin, and would complement your bathroom décor. The bath towels at Meesho are unique and you will not find the same quality anywhere else.  So go ahead and buy towels at the best prices and make your bathroom a better place.


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