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Men's Bracelets

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More About Reselling Men's Bracelets

Much like other jewellery, bracelets are loved and adored by men and women alike. Just like they are a part of a woman’s wardrobe, they have also become an essential part of a contemporary man’s wardrobe too. A Men's Bracelets is not your entire outfit and just like any other jewellery pieces, it is used to highlight and bring out your best features. For men, Adorning your wrist with a bracelet is like showing the world that you are willing to take that extra effort on your outfit.

Up Your Fashion Game With Bracelets For Men

No matter what gender you belong to, accessories highlight your style and are known to make powerful statements. In recent years, bracelets for men have taken the fashion world by storm and become a major trend. Especially with young crowds, bracelets have become a must-have for style aficionados all around the world.

Several Bollywood A-listers have been sporting various bracelets around their wrist and we just can’t get enough. From bold pieces to extremely minimalistic ones, more and more men are joining the bandwagon and embracing bracelets for men with pride.

Different Types Of Bracelets For Men

From metallic bands to leather cuffs, to beaded bracelets and minimal ones, there are several types of bracelets available in the market for men. Some of the most popular and trendy ones are as follows.

Strings And Rope Bracelet

This is one of the most popular kinds of bracelets for men. They vary in thickness and can be personalized very easily. This bracelet gives the wearer a cool and carefree vibe about them. The best thing about this bracelet is that almost all men can carry these off with ease. They can also be paired conveniently with any outfit without you having to worry about it clashing with your outfit.

I.D. Bracelets

More popularly known as ‘Bhai’s’ bracelet in India, this bracelet was made famous in India by Salman khan and his obsession with it. Though for the world, the bracelet became famous in the 19050s after the shoulders deployed for World War II were required to wear it. These bracelets give off a retro vibe when paired with outfits appropriately.

Rubber Band Bracelets

Everyone might have seen at least one of these rubber bracelets. They come in an array of bright and vibrant colors and can be found being sold in street stores. They are usually printed with brand logos and quirky prints all over them.

Leather Bracelets

It does not matter if it is braided or solid, leather bracelets belong to the classic punk style. They look fantastic when paired with brown boots for men and give off a badass look. If you’re a fan of minimalist work, get yourself a thin solid brown leather band bracelet, while if you are a fan of bigger things like go for a braided leather bracelet.

Metal Bracelets

A lot of men prefer donning a simple, minimalist silver bracelet around their wrist in India. This bracelet is also commonly known as “Kada” all over India. You can go with any metal you like for your metal bracelet for men but the most common one is silver.

Bead Bracelets

Recent years have seen the comeback of bead bracelets for men. The bead can be anything from precious stones to wooden beads and bones. A mixed and matched bead bracelet with beads of several colors and sizes look amazing when styled perfectly.

Charm Bracelets

A very famous bracelet for men and women alike, charm bracelets consist of a simple band that is adorned with a metal or glass charm at the end. The flashier the charm bracelet the better it looks.

Woven Bracelet

Just like a braided leather bracelet, woven bracelets are also braided and quite sought after. These bracelets are meant to be worn along with your watches or other types of bracelets to enhance its look. Woven bracelets come in an exciting range of colors, prints, and designs.

Styling Men’s Bracelet With Your Outfits Effortlessly

Though many men know and appreciate bracelets for men, a lot of them just do not understand how to style them with their outfit and not look awkward.

Some of the ways men can style their bracelets and still make sense of the outfits are as followed:

  • A bracelet for men is essentially like a wristwatch. If you are aspiring to wear a bracelet with a long-sleeved shirt, make sure the sleeves come over the bracelet and not under it.
  • One of the best tips when it comes to styling bracelets on men is always keeping one wrist empty and adoring just the other with bracelets makes more sense than both occupied wrists.
  • Several thin bands of bracelets can be clubbed together to give an illusion of one big bracelet for men but when the same is done with thick bands of bracelets, it ends up looking like a disaster.
  • Multiple leather and woven bracelets can be stacked together while metal bracelets look tacky when stacked with others.
  • Keep it simple, stylish, and do not overdo any bracelet for men look.

No Better Place To Shop For Bracelets Online

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What is the starting price for Men's Bracelets?

The typical starting price for Men's Bracelets is Rs. 100. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3090 Men's Bracelets on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Men's Bracelets?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Men's Bracelets: Choker Jewellery, Thread Jewellery, Silver Gold Plated Jewellery, pearl jewellery set, Stone Jewellery Set,

How can I buy Men's Bracelets online?

You can browse over 3090 options for Men's Bracelets online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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