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More About Reselling Earphones

These days, earphones have become an essential item that most of us carry with us all the time. Whether you’re going to the office, or simply want to listen to music at home, earphones or earbuds come in hand. Especially with people who are working from home or who commute on a regular basis, earphones are a must.

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Everything You Should Know About The Latest Earphones

When you look online for earphones, you will find numerous brands in all price ranges and with unique features. There are some brands that are considered all-time favorites by the music lovers while some other new entrants are also applauded for the sound quality and other features.

All in all, there are multiple factors that come into play when you are looking to buy a pair of earphones. Some of us want good sound quality while others want something that's portable and affordable. You may also want a trendy design that will look sleek and stand out. You will find multiple options in each category to choose from. If you find the world of earphones overwhelming, the below guide will help you out.

Bluetooth Earbuds

More often than not, people use the words ‘earphones’ and ‘earbuds’ interchangeably. But in technical terms, earbuds refers to in-ear varieties. Earbuds come in both wired and non-wired models. These days, wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the most popular choice for those who are looking for a convenient and portable option. These earphones are compatible with all types of Bluetooth devices from mobile phones to laptops and even smart watches. Some designs may not be wireless. These come with short wires attached for better connectivity.

Canal Earphones

Also known as canal phones, canal earphones have a huge fan base among Indian audiophiles. As the name suggests, canal earphones have to be inserted into the ear and fit snugly in the ear canal. They come attached with ear tips that help them fit perfectly into the ear canal thus making them extremely convenient to use. Another great aspect of these earphones is that they offer great noise cancellation without using any advanced technology. They are simple, affordable, and easy to use which makes them a great choice for beginners.

Wired Earphones

The rising trend of wireless gadgets in the last few years has entered the world of audio gadgets as well. But even though wireless earphones are dominating the Indian market these days, it does not mean that wired designs have completely lost their appeal. There are some advantages of using wired earphones over wireless ones. For starters, the cable allows instant connectivity while Bluetooth earphones might take some time to pair and connect with your device. Since these earphones do not have to be charged again and again, it might be less of a hassle for some users. Not to mention these earphones are much more affordable and easily available.

Ear Hook Type Earphones

Ear Hook type earphones come with an optional hook that can be attached. The earhooks will latch on to your ears and prevent the earphones from coming off when you are on the move. These types of earphones are mostly used by people who work out or play sports.The only downside of these earphones is that they provide very little noise insulation as compared to other types of earphones.

Earphones With Mic

Not all earphones have inbuilt mics.If you are going to be using your earphones to take and make calls, you need one that has a mic. You need to make sure that the mic is of good quality and works well. Most Bluetooth earphones and earbuds come with inbuilt mic but for wired ones, you need to check this before making the purchase.

Mono Earphones

Mono earphones and headphones are designed primarily for calling purposes. Unlike regular earphones they do not come in pairs. You only get one earbud which you will wear in one of your ears.They usually have better noise cancellation and are extremely convenient to use. They might be more expensive than regular earphones as they have better audio quality and are more portable.

Neckband Style Earphones

Just like ear hooks, neckband earphones are designed for those who play sports or exercise a lot. They come with an adjustable neck band which goes around your neck to keep the earphones in place. Since they are wireless they come with bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery. You can even get earphones that have both neck bands and ear hooks for even better grip.

Important Points To Consider Before Buying Earphones Online

Before buying a pair of earphones online, you should be aware of certain aspects that you need to consider. Even though it all boils down to personal taste, there are still some indicators that will make it easier for you to select the right design.

Choose The Best Sound Quality

There is no right or wrong way to measure the sound quality of any audio device. It totally depends on what suits your personal taste. But in general, there are three broad classifications of sound quality in earphones: heavy bass, bass, and treble and flat or neutral sound. The first one emphasizes deep bass while the second one has a more dynamic quality. The last one has a balanced sound quality. Choose one depending on what kind of music you usually listen to.

Get The Right Fit

It is important to make sure that your earphones are comfortable and fit properly. This becomes essential if you tend to use them for long periods at a stretch. Whether you are bing earbuds or ear pods or canal earphones, make sure you try it on for at least half an hour before making a decision. Good quality padded ear tips make the experience much more comfortable. Some earphones even come with an extra pair of ear tips that you can simply attach if the original one gets damaged or lost.

Check the Durability Of The Design

This one is quite obvious! Like with every other gadget, you want your earphones to last you for a long time. For wired earphones, the chords need to be of good quality and sturdy as this is where the damage takes place usually. Do not buy delicate-looking earbuds or ones that have loose tips. Make sure you get a case to store them when not in use.

Check for Sound Insulation

While earphones, in general, do not provide as much sound insulation as headphones, some models do have this feature. They work by blocking out outside noise as well as preventing the noise from your audio going out. This ensures your privacy and does not disturb anyone around you. Make sure you check this feature before buying your earphones.

Battery Life

Just like with any other gadget you need to ensure that your earphones have a long battery life and provide good backup. Of course, this only applies to wireless earphones. On average, Bluetooth earphones will give you about five to six hours of use after being charged fully. But if you invest a little more you will be able to get models that have even better battery backup.

Best Earphones And Earbuds That You Can Buy Online

If you have been looking for an affordable pair of earphones for yourself, we have just what you want. Our high performing, latest earphones collection will serve you faithfully for a long time. We have all of the newest varieties from the conventional wired models to the modern Bluetooth earphones and earbuds. Choose a design as per your needs and listen to all the music you want without care!


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