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Must-Have Cookware And Bakeware Pieces For Every Kitchen

Finding the right type of cookware and bakeware for your kitchen is more difficult that it should be. These high quality essentials will serve you for years to come. So its important to select the right deign, size and material while amking sure they are efficient and save your time in the kitchen. Whether it is for stove top cooking or for baking, you need a good lineup of pans, pots, and utensils that are functional. With the right utensils and tools, you can make any dish you want in no time.

Essential Cookware & Bakeware Price – Below Rs. 400 

Are you looking to purchase the latest cookware & bakeware online? We have curated a small list with the cookware & bakeware price, to make it easy for you!

Below are a few of Meesho’s latest cookware & bakeware products that are not only of excellent quality but also extremely affordable!

Measuring Cup with Silicone Spatula and Brush (Pack of 3):

At Meesho, we are all about durability and multi-purpose use. And that is why we bring to you the coveted measuring cup, spatula-brush set. This 3-piece pack will set you up for the most necessary and indispensable part of cooking and baking – measuring the ingredients. It is designed for all cooking purposes.

Classy, Stylish Cotton Apron (Pack of 2):

How many of us are messy cooks but hate getting messy? Well, to combat that pet peeve is the cotton checkered apron set. Available in 3 colours - red, green and grey, these are so aesthetic even to throw on, when we have guests over!

Velvet Soft & Anti Slip Multi-Purpose Mat, Kitchen Mat (Pack of 2):

We at Meesho are all about hygiene and safety! Precisely why we have our multi-purpose kitchen mats. These beautiful mats of different designs not only add a little bit colour to your kitchens but also ensure that your clumsiness or cooking experiments doesn’t come in the way of keeping your kitchen spick and span. And what’s more? No amount of water will allow you to fall! Their anti-slip quality, covered with comfy velvet for your feet to rest on, is nothing short of a dream.

Silicone Pastry Mat with Measurements, Pastry Rolling Mat, Reusable Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat:

Deserts such as pastries are ever so comforting! So mustn’t our process of baking them be so as well? And to ensure just that here’s a very handy tool that every pâtissier – seasoned and new, should own: a multi-purpose measuring mat enabling an easier way of moulding and rolling dough!

Flower Shape Silicone Chocolate Mould:

What is the most commonly loved desert? – Chocolate! Then, what is the one thing every pastry-chef, new and old, should own? Chocolate moulds of course!

These flower-shaped silicone moulds are perfect for all your dessert needs combined – to top off a cake or as a standalone dish.

Tadka Pan | Non-Stick Tadka Pan | Unbreakable Wired Steel Handle Tadka Pan | Chowka Pan Kadai Vagariya | Aluminium Tadka Kadhai with Steel Handle:

India, as a country, has so many varied kinds of cultures and cuisines, but what is the one thing that is common to all? That’s right, TADKA! So needless to say, every chef hoping to cook Indian cuisine needs to have a good Tadka pan in their repertoire – and that is precisely what we at Meesho are presenting!

Modern Unique Trendy Kitchen Tools:

How annoying is it when you are seated with your loved ones for a meal and have to keep going in and out of the kitchen to get condiments? So we bring you a salt and pepper jar, for the likes of pickle dispensers! This deceptively stunning plastic product is a must-have, whether or not you frequently have guests over.


Just like every great actor needs an equally stellar supporting actor, Meesho brings you the all-exhaustive set of 6-ladles to aid you through all your cooking experiments in the kitchen! Wooden, well-polished, and perfectly shaped for all needs – these are all that the chef in you will ever need!

Essential Cookware & Bakeware Price – Below Rs. 1000 | Purchase the latest cookware and bakeware online:

Below are a few of Meesho’s top-end, latest cookware & bakeware products that are the best there is out there!

High-Quality Kitchen Press:

Trying to eat healthily? But can’t get all the Farsans, Sev, and Bhujia off your mind? No problem – make it yourself! This stainless steel tool with 13 different maker plates not only eases those mid-meal binging pangs but also fits in perfectly in your aesthetically designed kitchen!

Classy Electric Juicers:

Available in four bright colours, Meesho’s juicers add style to comfort & health! Throw in a couple of fruits, water and be on your way. Fresh pressed juice, at your beck and call. Whether you’re a health-freak, looking to lose weight or just want to go on a detox, why not do it in style?

Revolving Spice Rack (Pack of 16):

When you think of Indian cuisines or rather the speciality of Indian cooking, you think of spices! So the least we can do is keep your spices assorted and segregated for easy access and use, right? Meesho brings you a 16 piece plastic & stainless steel spice rack for you to add that wee bit of magic to your everyday meals!

Cookware sets:

Available in 16 different sizes, Meesho is your one-stop-shop for cookware sets that not only aid and support but also seem to care for your meals as much as you do. Sturdy, healthy, and stylish, these come in packs of 5 and complement each other perfectly, they’re all you will ever need as your cooking apparatus!

Steel Induction Base Cook & Serve Set:

Often you’re hungry, lazy, and don’t feel like using multiple utensils and wishing your vessels were attractive enough to be used to serve. No fear because Meesho is here. Our two-piece aluminum cookware with glass lids are reliable, sturdy yet beautifully elegant, what more could you want?

Melamine Classy Dinner Set:

Don’t we all know an adult or two who are equally if not far clumsier than the many kids we know? But your family & friends also can’t be excluded based on their clumsiness! Meesho’s got your back with beautifully designed, superior quality melamine dinner sets that seamlessly step into the shoes of your expensive, fragile bone-china dinner sets but don’t break when they fall.

Buy Latest Cookware & Bakeware From Meesho Today!

Often it is said that the way to another’s heart is through the stomach. And if so, must our cookware & bakeware, not evolve along with our taste-buds, so we journey it in style?

Meesho as a brand stands at the crossroads of comfort, ease of use, and aesthetics, and we leave no stone unturned to deliver the best quality for a phenomenal cookware & bakeware price stunning you.

Most great chefs in the world wouldn’t stand compromising on their cooking equipment. Kitchenware affects the overall cooking experience concerning the time consumed, the heat needed, prep practices, and so on, but more importantly, also the final product – the food prepared.

Meesho has every kitchen solution for you! 


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