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More About Reselling Mangalsutras

Mangalsutra is a chain that the groom ties to the bride’s neck at the time of marriage. This tradition has been followed for decades in the Hindu religion. The word Mangalsutra is derived from the words mangal meaning auspicious and sutra meaning thread. Only married women wear mangalsutra and it becomes a part of everyday life. For a married woman, mangalsutra plays an important role in their life.

Buy Amazing Latest And Trendy Mangalsutra Design Online

Indian weddings are full of jewellery. Mangalsutra is very important in every Indian wedding with black beaded chains and gold has been commonly used across the country. Today it has become a trend in every part of India and various designs and styles have been introduced like a Mangalsutra bracelet, a ring Mangalsutra, etc. In India, there are different types of cultures and in every culture different styles of Mangalsutra are used.

Importance Of Mangalsutra Or Nallapusalu

Traditionally, Mangalsutra was just a thread with turmeric paste and three knots in it. It is said that it is a symbol of the union of Shiva and shakti where marriage is an inseparable bond. It helps to create positive waves and eliminate the negative energy.

There are different types of Mangalsutras available, but here are the latest trendy Mangalsutra designs for modern and traditional women.

All The Different Types Of Mangalsutras That You Can Shop From Meesho

Gold Plated

The most versatile option is a gold plated Mangalsutra design. You can get an amazing gold plated design at Meesho that you can wear on any occasion or as daily wear. Gold is a precious metal and it is costlier. According to the tradition of India, every married woman includes gold jewellery in her attire. But everyone cannot afford real gold thus, gold plated mangal sutra is the best option.

Cubic Zirconia/American Diamond

Traditional Mangalsutra is all about the black beads and gold but now with the new trend, American diamonds are also breaded to make them look more attractive and beautiful. An affordable and beautiful alternative to a real mangalsutra is a cubic zirconia mangalsutra. The design is almost the same, but instead of a silver chain, it is a gold-plated chain. It can be bought online from Meesho and is also available in a number of different designs.

Tribal Mangalsutra

Tribal Mangalsutra are traditional designs with spiral silver pendants that are very unique. Most people do not prefer to wear this type and tribal Mangalsutra is mostly adored by women of old age.

Mangalsutra Bracelet

This is a very beautiful and latest trend that is being adored by young married girls or newly married women that have a keen fashion and style sense. Hand Mangalsutra can be either made of gold or other precious metals.

Big Pendant Mangalsutra

Pendant Mangalsutra is loved by all married women. Pendent size can be big or small according to your choice. We are offering a big range of pendant mangalsutra in various designs and patterns. All the pendant mangalsutra are made up of high-quality material so that you can wear them for a long time without any damage. The pendant mangalsutras are available in different sizes and designs according to your choice. You can buy them any time as we are offering these pendant mangalsutra at a reasonable price.

Silver Mangalsutra

Silver always has a special place in everyone’s heart. Silver is a traditional style that is taking over again in terms of pendants or oxidized silver jewellery. Silver is a traditional style that is taking over again in terms of pendants or oxidized silver mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is a symbol of marital bond, love, trust and faith. Silver mangalsutra looks bold, stylish and elegant.

Artificial Beads

Buy the artificial beaded Mangalsutra online at Meesho with the best quality and price. Artificial beaded Mangalsutra is nowadays used by everyone on occasion.

Temple Nallapusalu

Nallapusalu is a Tegulu word for Mangalsutra. Temple design is famous in South India and includes big and heavy detail work. Temple design is mostly for weddings or pooja occasions in South India.

Pearl Work Mangalsutra

Pearl is also known for its elegance and rich look. You can select a black beaded Mangalsutra with a studded pearl in the centre. Pearl makes you look elegant and nowadays you can also find a combo earring.

Best Mangalsutra Design That Can Be Found Online On Meesho.

Nowadays, fashion has taken over everywhere and traditional Mangalsutra is being replaced with the more fashionable ones. Some people understand the importance but some people do not like how it looks and remove their Mangalsutra thinking it is not complimenting their look.

So, here are some designs that you can check out for a fashionable change.

Long Mangalsutra

Long Mangalsutra is traditional but there are different designs like simple chains with small pendants studded in the middle of the chain with black beaded. These can be worn everywhere if you don’t like those short trendy designs.

Short Mangalsutra

Short Mangalsutra is trendy and mostly comes from 14 to 18-inch lengths. This is very much preferred by working women and modern women. You can get a simple chain and a pendant with it only in Meesho.

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Hand bracelet Mangalsutra is newly introduced and liked by modern women who don’t like to wear anything in the neck. Bracelet comes with many designs and stones also you can see some animal-based Mangalsutra also and some unique designs.

Mangalsutra Combo

Mangalsutra combo is in much demand Mangalsutra with matching earring, bracelet, the ring is in very much appreciated and looks very beautiful together at any place whether an office or any traditional occasion. Those who want minimal jewellery should definitely go for it.

Buy The Latest Mangalsutra Design Online At The Best Price

You can find a variety of designs in Mangalsutra online in Meesho from short to long patterns and very different styles of pendants in that with a single chain, double chain, etc. explore and shop for your favourite Mangalsutra design.


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