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More About Reselling Hijab

Your Hijab outfit does not have to be plain and boring. Amp up your look without compromising with your comfort by wearing the latest designs. Find the best high quality fabrics designed to perfection in our collection. With different features and details, you will definitely find your perfect piece. Ladies’ Hijabs on Meesho are available in a range of colours and in every size. So delve into the world of stylish Hijabs now.

The Endless Hijab Styles and Designs For Every Women On Meesho

The hijab started as a custom worn by Muslim women, but now it's more than just a tradition. With the changing times, the role of a hijab has also evolved to become an accessory, and women seek to own more pretty hijabs each month. 

These are usually headscarf meant to cover the head and the chest region. They are traditionally made from materials like linen, cotton, jersey, chiffon, and music more. This cloth is usually mixed with polyester or nylon to give smooth comfort and finish. 

The modern-day new hijab style has changed the way this piece of clothes function. You will find out all about this below: 

Your Ultimate Hijab Style Guide 

Simple Hijab Design

The simplest way to dawn a hijab can often be the most trendy form out there. This simple warp of the hijab around your face gives a traditional look that is both familiar and appealing. To add some pop to this, you can always use a plain cloth of any colour that compliments your outfit. 

This traditional Muslim hijab is also known to be the most comfortable and found with a minimal or a crochet border. 

Hijab With A Charm 

A modern-day hijab style is one that comes with little sparks or ornamental attachments to it. They can be in the form of floral clips, charms, or decorative brooch that add to the folding side of the hijab. They are subtle, yet classy. 

They can mould on all occasions without them looking too loud or filled with bling. The advantage is that the same old hijab design cloth can also be mixed-and-matched to give new designs with a changing clip. 

Layered Hijab 

This hijab style has become the fashion statement of our times, made from chiffon material with both the flow and the crispness to provide a wholesome look. They are a simple style of wearing the hijab, except wrapped many times to form layers. 

This type of hijab design is also allowed to flow down from the chin all the way to the chest to provide a scarf-like look. It would help if you ideally did this with bright colours to get the most stylish look from them. 

Arabic Hijab Fashion 

This style of Muslim hijab can often be seen all over the middle east and know as the go-to every-day style of the region. These usually involve the entire head covered and have a minimal triangular pattern on the chest. They are often made from chiffon fabric and have a beautifully smooth finish. 

This hijab style is usually attempted with a colourful, floral, or printed cloth. This hijab is traditionally in colours that are complementary to the outfit and bring out a bring pop. 

Pashmina Hijab 

A pashmina hijab is your every-day hijab style that involves an elegant pashmina material scarf wrapped around the head and the neck to leave a simple fold hanging below the chin. These fabrics are very soft and comfortable to dawn each day. 

This martial also looks classy and does not wrinkle. They also do not have a shine or glow, making it a comfortable look to match any outfit. 

Hijab Designs That You Must Explore

Multi-Coloured Hijab 

Breakaway from the regular hijab and explore a more colourful world. The multi-coloured hijab design is the new trend in the market. This style looks elegant; while still giving a young and lively expression. 

They are designed in a way that different colours will seamlessly highlight various parts of your head. They also look like a district hijab design when wrapped the other way each time. 

Embroidery HIjab Designs

The embroidery hijab is one such hijab fashion often noticed in weddings; or other ethnic gatherings. This form of hijab is loud and bold, and often draws the attention who sees it. These designs on the hijab must ideally match those on the rest of the dress. 

This is not a new hijab style; it is an old traditional look that has morphed into more modern looking patterns and designs. 

Studded Hijab 

A studded Hijab is one that comes embedded with gems, pearls, or other artificial stones and fittings. These are arranged around the borders and the folds of the Muslim hijab and draw little attention. 

This is a perfect look for a formal event; or a formal gathering. The gems or stones used on the hijab must be of the same colour pallet as those of your jewellery. Many women also like to get a custom made hijab online to match the jewellery they own. 

Bordered Hijab 

The boarded hijab design is a simple extension of the plain and simple hijab that we have seen for generations. These are usually dark coloured hijabs that come with bold and elaborate borders. 

These borders perfectly alight the face and the edges of the scarf section that hangs over the chest. These can be golden borders, pattern borders, floral borders and much more. They are usually stitched on to, or embossed on the hijab. 

Crochet Border Hijabs

Lastly, the crochet border is a hijab style that slowly phased out but is making a comeback. These are typically plane hijabs that have a very delicate, yet complicated crochet border. The artwork can range all the way from abstract pattern to floral designs.

This hijab fashion remains dedicated to functions and social gathering as they are slightly grand, loud and larger than life. 

Finding The Perfect New Hijab Design Online For You

Now that you know there is a lot more to do with hijab fashion; it is time for you to find the one that fits your comfort, needs and style statement the best. Keep in mind that when you look for the best hijab, they must match your face, feel comfortable, made from a material that you prefer and should match your personal style quotient. 

Our vast range of beautiful and elegant hijab online on Meesho is all you need. There is a style out there for every one of us, it is just about finding the right one. Go ahead and take a look; you will not be disappointed. 


What is the starting price for Traditional Sarees?

The typical starting price for Traditional Sarees is Rs. 400. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 3658 Traditional Sarees on Meesho.

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Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Traditional Sarees: Venkatgiri Saree, Lace Sarees, Orange Saree, White Silk Sarees, Muslin Sarees,

How can I buy Traditional Sarees online?

You can browse over 3658 options for Traditional Sarees online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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